Corrosive frost and frost not stacking

Based on your games logic the frost burn and poison have different icons then their corrosive dots. So shouldnt they stack?

Seems to be the design of the corrosive effect not a bug. Perhaps there is an idea here to not overwrite.

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Yes just watched a vid of crystalis overwriting skadis. Its the icon thing that bothers me. Two different icons should stack according to sg. This definitely lessens their value.

I have not seen that before. Will you share that please?

Here’s a thread on status effects including a bit on what icons overwrite other ones.

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Cant remember the reference but same reasoning why ur fire and s3 fire bonus from tiles stack. Might atk up can stack with atk up because they are different icons. Elemental and defense down stack…different icons… cheshire cat and tiburtus different wording but dont stack because same icon.

The thread I linked previously shows some icons that are overwritten by others. Even just a basic attack up can be overwritten by different icons. This is just one example.

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Whooo that was a puzzle reading lol. Cause mentally stacks are undispellables. So i was going thru a maze. Ok so normal burn doesnt override corrosive burn…but does it stack? Or will both burns work at the same time? More specifically if corrosive burn is on a target then gm hits will both dots be active at the same time.

If you fire gravemaker then the manator dude it will overight gravemaker burn. If you fire manator dude then gravemaker gravemakers burn won’t overight it.

Jabberwok fires then darklord jabberwok poison will stick as undispellable, fire proteus then darklord darklord will overight it. Fire darklord then proteus darklords corrosive poison will stay.

That make sense!? :man_shrugging:

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No bug working as intended.

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