Correlation between raids and watchtower level

IS there a correlation between the two? Frequency, etc…I suppose I just know HOW EXACTLY the watchtower functions

I think we need so more info dude.

Do you mean how often you get raided, or how much food and iron is taken? Or something else?

Bigger watchtower means more food/iron to loot for your opponents. Basically that’s a bigger target on your back.

But loot isn’t the only criterium for raiders. They’ll also go for cups, or skip you because of your hero combination. And then there are players that revenge, revenge, revenge.

The “sweet spot” for being a raid target is having 3.200 - 3.470 team strength and a lvl 15+ watchtower. You’ll be hit so many times.

I’ve recently replaced a maxed 4* with a strong 5*, putting me in the 3550+ team strength, watchtower has been 20 for a while. I can already tell raids on me are reducing in number. But inevitably, when the watchtower fills up, players will hit me for the juicy loot.


Scro, it used to be there was defined fraction of how much of the resources in your tower you could lose; not any more.

thanks! This is what I needed to know

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