Correcting an accidentally declined invite


So if a player requests to join an alliance, but their invitation is accidentally declined by an elder, is there ever a point when they can resend their invitation? Like a waiting period that ends? We have one that was accidentally declined an hour ago and when he tries to resend an invite, he gets the message that he has already been declined and by whom.

(A future update request might be a list where leaders and coleaders can see past declined requests and opt to accept one or more anyway.)


Ok… well apparently the answer is about 2 hours. :slight_smile:


The leader/co just needs to set the alliance to open and they can come in right away :slight_smile:


We couldn’t … people jump in too quickly now. We fended off over 2 dozen invites in the 2 hours we were waiting for his to resolve. Apparently business is good for Empires n Puzzles, these days. :wink:


Not a bad problem to have !


Right? Everyone used to have to beg for members. No longer! :slight_smile:


Yay! Keep meaning to test this one, but always seem to forget. Sorry it had to be learned this way though…


Thanks for solving the Mystery. I had often wondered. :wink: