Correct these tournament clashes

These tournaments are for fun and use of skills and tactics or just to make players spend gems ???
Because the confrontations are simply RIDICULOS, my strongest team that are the heroes that are in my defense and that power is 4261k, then someone explains to me how the hell, me using weaker teams (since no one makes attacks with rainbow team) ), I will beat teams of 4600 and 4700k ???
Everything in this game seems to have become unique and exclusive to steal money from players, it is no longer a cell phone game and has become a real slot machine.


It has always been like this. I’m always perplexed when players are convinced that a for-profit company is “stealing money”. Continuing to support and play a game from an unscupulous corporation doesn’t make the company foolish. Every company wants you to spend…period. Perhaps their tactics aren’t for you.


Synergy between heroes is more important than team power.


Tournament teams can be a problem I do think the jump is too big in cases. But what I understand I can be due to location. As I’m from England so if I start the tournament on Monday when it starts one side of the world has started and the other has not. You can be and will be faced with higher teams then you as others haven’t played as yet as your score is higher.

Synergy, when you lose in six turns without even activating a single hero? help me, tell me what the magic is.
There is no synergy when the opposing team is 500k apart from yours, unless the board is filled with stones of the colors you need, otherwise there is no synergy in the world that works.

Short version: no, you will not beat them, and you aren’t supposed to. This is a Legendary Tournament. The tournament rules require depth and flexibility. You aren’t at that level yet. Why would you expect to win? Pretty straightforward. Frankly, if you’re still in it on Wednesday, good job! You’ve done very well.

Contrast the Rare Tournament, where I would expect that you would do quite well. You will meet some teams of +20 there, but even a deep bench of 20 x 3.50 can place top 5%; being a “top player” matters much less.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t enter, there is still loot for top 75%. But don’t expect to compete in FIFA WC with just a few up-and-comers from the minor leagues.

Good to know that everything here is only for the top players, since since I can’t compete in the legendary, it will also be rare the same proportion of disparity … the question here is the selection of the confrontations, because the mechanics of the game if done thus it is totally unequal and unfair.

Why is it unfair? Have you considered the possibility that those very good teams are the only ones left to be matched with? By Wednesday, most of the little guys are out. Like, that’s how elimination tournaments work. Again, if you were eliminated today, you’ve progressed pretty far in the most competitive group in the game.

Absolutely not. I place top 5% in Rare all the time, and usually make it to Friday. Epic and Legendary are still far beyond my capability; I’m usually eliminated by Tuesday, maybe Wednesday if I’m lucky. The level of competition is radically different. I think the biggest equalizer is that 3.50+0 and 3.50+20 aren’t really that far apart, whereas the gap between 4.80+0 and 4.80+20 is pretty wide.

Most of all, I wouldn’t expect matchups to be “fair” in the same sense that War should be fair (and often isn’t), or that Raid should be fair (but suffers from cup dropping). A limited-time tournament absolutely should NOT work in the same way as those perpetual-match features.

On the contrary, the higher the rarity, the lower impact of emblems.

Talents always give same values (+15, +18, +36) - and for 3* heroes, the total stats from emblems are a lot more substantial compared to the base stats.

But yeah, the system can only match you to similar opponents early. When you start winning, difficulty inevitably increases, and you start facing 4600s. That’s just tournament life.


If you actually want a genuine explanation & aren’t just venting have a read of my interpretation of how the Tournament Matchmaking works, based on various comments made by devs in a couple different threads:


I disagree. Stats-wise you are mostly correct. Some Talents don’t scale either, especially the really nifty ones like Evade and Revive.

But, every Class has at least one +% Node available to them, especially FIG, BAR, WIZ, and the much maligned PAL. Also, some talents, like Protect, DO scale (see where Paladin gets the double whammy?). Most importantly, attack skills for Legendary Heroes tend to have much higher +%, exaggerating the effect of ATT Emblems more.

Even with “+%” nodes, the emblems have a more pronounced effect on 3 stars as compared to 5 stars, just because the base stats of 5 stars will always be higher than 3 stars, so the overall percentage increase in stats will always be lower for the same path.

See, Ulmer and Isarnia as examples. Both are wizards who have similar squishy stats with high attack.

If we take the attack path for both Ulmer and Isarnia, then the percentage increase in their attacks stats are 24% and 17%, respectively. That’s a huge difference. Same goes for their other stats.


I’m not sure how tournament matchmaking works, but I’ve noticed that you face stronger opponents as the week progresses. Often, if I make it to Friday of the tournament, I face many +18 emblemed teams or above. I think that weaker teams who strike out earlier in the tournament won’t be in the matchmaking pool anymore. I’ve also noticed that after I strike out of the tournament early, like on Tuesday or Wednesday, then I don’t get attacked at all on Thursday and Friday.

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