Correct the way of attacking the Titans

I looked for a similar topic and didn’t find it. We need to analyze a different form of attack on the Titans that is not pure LUCK. Today the attack on Titans practically does not exist tactics and strategy, independently of the attack team you only count on the stones. Little by little I caused only 12k in a miserable 4 * green Titan, even the heroes of middle mana could not activate, as I only managed two red combinations, (Wilbur, Bold, Elena, C. Astlan and Tarlak). The other day on a blue 1 * Titan I got only 20k (Almur, Amigo, Kingston, Liana and Tarlak). This has been constant, the game is called strategic, but strategy has almost nothing, 95% is pure luck and it becomes tiring and demotivating.

Um, a video of your battle would illustrate the point you are trying to make. Perhaps as well, screenshots of your titan teams too? Luck with tiles is indeed a factor, so is taking the best heros you have for the job.

Huh? Some great advice to players asking, throughout the forum.

And many threads that offer advice on attacking titans too …

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95% luck is a stretch, tactics definitely play a larger part. Using the correct heroes, correct hero stack, correct battle items makes a massive difference in titan performance. You need an attack buffer (to a large extent such as Wu, Ranvir, Tarlak or Miki instead of just +30-40% attack etc), a defense down and/or defense down to the specific titan element, battle items that weaken the titans hit (axes, bombs), mana pots and/or tornadoes/hurricanes to boost all of your heroes mana and shuffle board. While not feasible for newer players, mana pots to charge your attack buffers is essential for dealing more damage.

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