Correct Probability of Increasing Special Ability


I have a bug that seems a bit trivial but may come up occasionally. This occurred about 10 days ago; sorry I don’t recall the time.

I had a 3* hero (Valen) who was fully leveled but had only 5/8 special ability. I got four Valens to level him up and used them at the same time. The game said that he had a 100% chance of increasing his special ability, because it sums four 25% chances. However, in this instance his special ability stayed the same!

I suspect what happens is that the game uses the level up characters sequentially, so that you get four 25% chances in a row. The chance that you will increase your special is then 1 - (1 – 0.25) ^4 = 68%. Within this 68%, there is the chance that you will increase the special two or more levels but that does not need to be mentioned.

This is a rare event but some people may be angry if they see their 100% chance unfulfilled. It really only is important if you use one or more of the same hero as is being leveled.

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I’m of the opinion that if something says I have 100% chance, I’d better get my prize.


I used 100% chance once and it worked


Yeah…GeneDude’s 100% didn’t work. Hmm…


Has to be a bug, I think. If it was sequentially, there would have been mentions of the special going up by 2 or even 3. That hasn’t happened yet, I think? Surely someone would have mentioned it on the forums?


I think there aren’t enough people leveling heroes they care about enough to notice. It’s a rare thing to have four extra 4 or 5* heroes, so those players won’t notice. And players with 1/2* heroes aren’t likely to have the goal of maxing their special anyway, so it’s possible that they never do this.

Nonetheless… 4 of the same hero should absolutely be a 100% increase. I’ve only done this once, with a Layla.


That has to be a bug, for sure. I am 3/3 for the using 4 of same player for 100% success of leveling special.


I have vague memories of hearing about this at some point. Vague enough that it was a very long time ago. I think it’s an extremely rare occurrence, and there’s no telling how many actually bother to report it.


Everyone responding here has 4 heroes = 100% special upgrade work. Please report your error to SG: