Copies of heroes how many?

Hero roster is limited and hard to keep copies of heroes . How many copies do you keep ? My specific quandary is Grevle (3) Kashrek (2) the season 4 heroes Vollermark (2) Mack (2) and Gramps (2) . Are any of these worth keeping multiple copies of ? I would like a second Grevle . Any suggestions are appreciated :slight_smile:

My first reaction is to say you don’t need multiple of any of those. I say that as I’m more of a late game player.
How many heroes do you have leveled up right now of each rarity?

If you newish, then all 3 stars and up are helpful until you have 30 leveled heroes for war.

After that I’d also consider having 50 heroes for Tavern of Legends. Grevle and mack could be useful for a short timeperiodthere.

Once you have that, these heroes are more limited to tournaments and challenge events.
None of these heroes are particularly useful if you’re trying to rank in challenge events.
I don’t think you’ll need duplicates of any of these.

There are some weird situations to use duplicates of these in tournaments (such as 2x gramps or 2x Vollermark in a 3 star very fast war).

I’m not totally sold as any of these heroes in the first place let along duplicates. I use and love Grevle. If you gave me a Mack I’d level him. Kashrek has sat on the bench for most of his life. I could see multiple Vollermarks causing trouble in a very fast war.


You may have already done this, you might consider using gems to increase your roster size. The equivalent cost for just one, 300 gem (Dawa) pull is quite a bit of roster space. I never realized how “painful” it was playing with a nearly full roster, until I used my gems for more space.

To help with your question, Ruskin gave excellent advice.


Ok so what about WU Kong ? Is he worth having a copy of or Scarlett ? Those are the only two I have copies of that are in question after your responses

Two Wu Kong is usefull in Mystic Titan Event. The heroes are penalized the more they’re used. Using two or more keeps the penalty down.


I have one wu kong and one scarlett. I only use wu kong on certain titans and situational tournaments (I don’t like the misses). Scarlett is used on my 2nd red war team. I initially held dupes for both, I fed them away eventually. I’m guessing that a 2nd copy will provide a short term benefit.

30 heroes for war, more for legends. How long will the 2nd copy benefit you?

I didn’t consider mythic titans, it is a reason for wu copies if you participate.

Thanks that’s why I ask . I am fairly new . I have enough for a war team and tavern of legends team of 50. So I will get rid of the other Scarlett but probably keep the Wu Kong because who couldn’t use another drunken monkey around the camp . Thanks everyone for the responses . @Guvnor could you please close this topic as my questions have been answered . Thank you :pray:

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I only use one Wu Kong. Even on Mythic Titan I don’t want a second.
Many consider Scarlett the best season 1 four star. I have two and I’d consider you do the same.


I would never keep more than 2 except on rare occasions like Rigard, Proteus, Gullinbursti, Brynhild, Mist…and game changing 5* like Alberich, Mother North, Heimdall, Kage…most you’ll only ever need one of and what you collect and what you eventually work on out of boredom is up to you.

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I kept a Grevle and wu Kong .

I have Miki but still leveled up a second Wu. Mythic Titan is so quiet with the 3. Not forgetting the Ninja Tower.

With heroes coming from 4 seasons, 6 challenges events, Ninja Tower and the seasonal events, I start to find it useless to keep dupes (besides 4* healers and nice support heroes). Grevle2 is a no for me. I have a Kashhrek that I almost never use. Even my 2nd Kvasir has become a backslidder now…

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Closed per OP request :slight_smile:

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