Cool down time

I believe this was brought up before but I couldn’t find the thread.

I think there should be a cool down in between you being raised while off line. Las night I went to bed and got up 6 hours later and raided 7 times losing all 7 battles.

Not sure how I lost all 7 seeing as every single team was way way weaker than mine. Right now my team sits at 2579 and I was losing to people at 2100. I thought when you were being raised you had the upper hand??

I did go in and get revenge only 6 of them of course I only have 6 flags but I beat all 6 of them very easily. So how did I lose to all 6 in raids that I’m supposed to have the upper hand but then destroy all 6 of them very easily when I raid them?

I just think there needs to be a cool down period of when you can be raided. I don’t care about trophies but Sunday I had 1249 trophies, after the raids when I got up this morning I was at 704. Yes not all lost in one night but it’s as many times I keep getting raided and losing when I’m not online.

Couple things:

  1. You can’t know if the teams raiding you are weaker than you. You can only see their raid defense team. You cannot see the heroes they used to attack you.

  2. The advantage is entirely on the attacking team’s side, not the defense. It isn’t surprising that you would lose all 7.

  3. Since you can’t be raided when online, a cool down period would significantly reduce the available pool of raid targets, especially if it were significantly long.

I’d recommend reading up on the many raiding threads to better understand the mechanics of this game feature moving forward. Good Luck!


The attacker often in a better position for raids, because he/she can choose the team based on what heroes you have in the defence team. For example if you have a yellow tank, the attacker can take 2-3 purples and kill the tank quickly, then ghost tiles to kill the rest. Also a human player often uses specials on a better way than the AI.

It is completely possible to bit a defence team 400-500 tp over your attack team if the boards is at least ok.

When you raided them, then you had the upper hand, also their defense team might be different from what they used to attack.

Cups come and go, without impacting the speed of your progress. Losing cups over night is very usual. Keep up the good work leveling your heroes and have fun. :blush:

Actually you can see that, when you go into you tower and click on the person who raided you, it shows their team both heroes and defense. That’s how I knew what rank they were

What you are seeing in the tower is the enemy defense team, and their equipped troops. There is no indicator of the attack team used against you.

Then what do you call this?

Their defense team.
It says it in bold above the heros.


LOL. It it right there in plain language.

Uhm, NOPE, the advantage is very strongly in favor of the raiding team, against the defending team. (See the below topic link)

As others have pointed out, it is their defense team, not what they used to attack you.

If you are just starting out (like the player you showed), you probably are still working on a first rainbow team, and you use that team for pretty much everything, defense, attack, titans, etc. Later in the game, you will have enough heroes to make different teams that are best at different things.

Anyhow, considering the difference in team power, and the results…

  1. I haven’t used my defense team offensively for a raid in many months, because my defense team is usually a rainbow team (Currently I have two yellows and no purple, since I’ve got two good 5* yellow and no finished 5* purple. When Khiona gets a little bit farther along, I’ll probably switch back to rainbow)
  2. I normally attack with color stacked 3/2 teams, which normally have lower team power than my defense team … and when chosen specifically for the team I’m attacking, is far more effective. My two most recent raid teams are ~400TP less than my defense team, and I usually attack teams with a TP similar to my defense team or better.
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That’s my point, the team who beats me has a defense team of 2100 and mine is 2500. In raids the one being raided is supposed to have the upper hand. They raided me with a weak defense team and beat me but when I get revenge I destroy them. Makes no sense in my book.

You aren’t listening to what others have said- it only shows you their defense team and not the one they attacked you with which could have been a 4000 team for all you know. Lots of people post weaker defense teams than the ones they raid with.

You are assuming that people want to keep their cups. Many dont. Those all 2 star defense or all trainer hero defense are there to drop cups. In the cup dropper world some want a free fall, like the ones mentioned, others want a slow decline so will field a team with 500 to 1000 less power than they could field in defense

When you are viewing the attacker’s profile in your watch tower, you are seeing the team that they are defending their watch tower with.

My DEFENSE team is not the same as my attacking team. Experienced raiders will custom build their attack teams to improve their chances against the defending team. In the picture you posted, it states that this is the Defense Team. Nowhere does it state that this is the Attack Team. Nowhere in the game do you have the option to see what team attacked you. It’s a complete mystery - for all you or I know the attacking team was a completely maxed 5* team.

Either way, get used to the fact that you will lose raids… You’ll most likely have far more raid wins via offense than defense. As has been mentioned by others in this thread (and elsewhere) the attacker always has the advantage, and unless the tile board is just plain awful, the attackers will usually win. Instead of focusing on the losses you suffer from enemy raids, work on building up your team to attack higher power targets… :slight_smile:

It is very possible that Ugrslice does not realize that he also can use a different team than his defense team to fight.

Ugrslice, you can make any of your teams the defense team, unless you only have built 5 heroes. Standard practice is building a defense team that is solely for your raid defense, that is ordered with the automatic attack sequence in mind.

You then also have an ever changing attack team that you vary with the team you want to attack.

Also common is making your team just strong enough to maintain at or just below the gold/platinum/diamond level so you can take some loses from lower level teams and come back and beat them easily, fill your chest, return to gold/platinum/diamond and collect your loot without too many loses.

I hope you haven’t only worked on 5 heroes as you defense and attack team.

They have a cool down feature lol


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