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  1. I love bread pudding!
  2. I have that exact set of dishes in my kitchen!

I’m so glad it’s back! Really cool to see a ton of new contributors! @NPNKY, that bread cornucopia has to be the best bread thing I’ve seen since bread lion on The Great British Bakeoff (can’t recall which season, but I can probably figure it out if someone’s really interested - contestant was named Paul and it was during bread week, of course).

Here’s my spice rack, recently completed.


Thanks, @IvyTheTerrible. I’ve been supplanted in my own house as far as baking goes since I made that. My daughter is now a classically trained pastry chef, and she has far outdone anything I can do.



The good news is, since she’s stuck at home right now, I get to eat it all


AMAZING. Just completely amazing. Those are works of art!

Just a few pics. Steak with bruscetta, fire roasted salsa, and a “Welfare wagyu” (a homemade fatty patty lol)


(chicken) taco night! my man and I did it together


steak looks great and @sleepyhead homemade tacos are the best.


yeah! I would eat tacos every night if I could!

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Birthday cake truffles for a cancelled birthday party. The birthday girl stopped by and picked up the parcel I left on my porch.


just call me Gormek, cause the food in here makes me Hungry!


@Saphirra, you’re a teenage boy. Isn’t hungry a constant state for you?


well, um yes now that you mention it. but some times over others makes me hungrier. :drooling_face: :yum:


Friday and Sunday:
Nothing really special; just enjoining the sunny day:
image image
…just trying…said: nothing really special…


Gosh darn it its been too long since ive seen this thread and I need some more inspiration peeps. Also the forum seems to be lacking the warmness so PLEASE send me your food pics and I do not care if it looks like this or this I just want some goodness in my life rn. @IvyTheTerrible and @Balltaser I nominate you two specifically (no offense to anyone else) :heart:

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@Natural-Lite I don’t have any pics now but I plan on making tortellini with mushroom alfredo and a spinach bacon vinaigrette salad for dinner tonight. I will try to remember to save some pics for you

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It was recently the birthday of one of my closest friends. In a previous year I had asked her to describe her ideal dessert. She replied, ‘cheesecake, but healthy.’ I told her I had just the thing.

This year I made her the same thing, breaking the law to drop them off on her birthday. Cheesecake stuffed strawberries.

@NPNKY, @sleepyhead, @Novo, join us in making a positive thread and sharing some food?


Here are some I have.

World’s biggest hash brown :slight_smile:

Some more roasted salsa.

I didn’t make this, but I felt bad for this meatball…he looked so scared.

During our Field Survival course in Alabama.


My stomach growled…

How did you think to come up with this it looks great and I never thought that a strawberry could be stuffed.

I actually LOL’d at this…

also what bird is that is it pheasant or duck???

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First of all, I LOVE the whimsy of your hash browns!

Please say more about this! I have had it in the back of my mind for some time to take a wilderness survival course, but it has been hard to find information on what programs are creditable.


Pinterest to the rescue! Serendipitously, in that year, one of my goals was to clear out my Pinterest board. So I was acutely aware of what was still on there and immediately thought of this recipe.

Plus, I mean, of course I own a frosting gun. :slight_smile:

It actually provides HUGE value. All I had to do was trim the tops, cut deep x’s down the strawberries, whip up cream cheese, powdered sugar, and vanilla, pipe it in, and decorate the tops. But they are immensely loved by everyone who sees and tries them. So, moderate effort, superlative result.


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