Convince me to continue playing

It is becoming unbalanced ,expensive, stupid
PETS, REALLY :nauseated_face:
Im exhausted by it already


lol quit already! If you don´t like it, no point playing.


I was going to say the same as above - if you aren’t deriving any more joy from it… either quit, or reorient the way you play.

if “keeping up” with the new heroes by spending is exhausting and draining your bank account, drop down in cups, go casual, don’t compete too high :slight_smile: maybe a change of pace will do you good. plenty of people play casual and enjoy it, competing in lower tiers, just playing the parts of the game they like and ignoring the rest…


I didnt quit but i quitted the alliance and i will stick to some quests and HA10 thats all
I feel tired by all the events etc
A break is always good

It’s a strange thing… I 100% agree with @Stanagde, the game it’s spiraling out of control… we have ancient dieties mixed with mushy feely cats and dogs and medieval knights… aliens, next, who knows… but I also agree with @Gargon. One should quit while ahead… but what are we to do, when we get mixed feelings towards this game? For instance, I like the game’s concept and mechanics, but I hate this continuous releasing of ever more powerful generations of heroes, with the sole purpose of stimulating spending. I love this indirect PvP action, but I hate how RNG is always the decisive factor on the battlefield. And more and more pairs to add to this love/hate scale…


If you don’t have fun anymore. Just leave and don’t make a drama. It’s okay…


My advice seriously…
Continue to play if it’s still fun…
If certain things are getting too much give them a miss for a while …
You don’t have to do everything in this game. As an example I am not particularly fond on raids so I give them a miss other than revenge …
Additionally it’s always good to have a couple of weeks time out from the game. I just did that on a cruise holiday. I came back “refreshed” as they say …
But honestly - if you now dislike the game and it no longer brings you fun or takes you away from RLS … then find something new for a while and see how it goes …
I wish you well


I agree alot with the statements here, a GAME is supposed to be FUN. If it is not, take a step back and evaluate.

My primary goal is social, secondary is in game events for completion (PVE), last the PVP and event ranking cause that is so money driven. I like to do well but I know I won’t be the top without the top heroes.


Games you play for a long time are very similar to a relationship…when you are done you look for reasons to get out of it. Some of the reasons are legit, and other you just add on to give more confirmation. This post is a perfect example: Unbalanced - Absolutely a big concern for many. Stupid - subjective, but yeah the Pets and some of the cartoony characters are a bit silly. Expensive - you don’t have to spend so that’s on you.

Do what you want, I’d seriously help friends think it out with a relationship problem. But a mobile game? That won’t change anybody’s life one iota expect for yours if you quit.



Throw more money in to get upgraded green Noor (Toto) with normal mana speed which Noor should have from day one.
Upgraded Gretal / Merlin (Waddles) with Fast mana speed and some goodies

Or just do like me, switch to f2p and level what left to level, when you’re and you don’t get any more heroes for so called “development take more time” keep playing until everyone around at your level can kick your *ss hard, remove the game and I promises you after few days you’ll feel better :grin::grin::grin:

Edit: Another advise, install other game and take a breath of fresh gaming air…

It may be not related to 3in a row, it’ll also give you a perspective about how the developers in other games treat their players

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Disagree here, games are made to have fun… No matter if it’s a sprint or a marathon if you stop enjoying the game and you feel that it’s a hassle what’s the point to continue?

That’s kinda exactly what I said. Just like a relationship, if it’s not working you don’t need to make excuses just quit. Whether it’s a game or anything else, if you don’t enjoy it just cut bait.


If you need convincing to continue playing you are mostly out the door already. Just keep walking I say. This is a mobile timewaster game. You either enjoy it or you don’t.


Playing e&p for so long, I developed habits that revolved around my schedule. I’ve tried to break those habits and play when I consciously feel like playing. I also moved to a more casual alliance, accepting that I would no longer be surrounded by hardcore players.

It is a game, not a way of life. Have fun with it until it’s no longer fun.


In my opinion, the new things is good, if you don’t take that for a duty… For example, I don’t have any new five star hero for three months… This is the great problem… A lot of offers, and the crisis is here

I like the pets. They amuse me.

Duck in Armor. Hilarious.


The pictures don’t really matter… It is just what they can do. Silly is fine… Sexist… Not great… But fine… Racist… Ok then…

Are you saying you found the duck in armor to be racist?

I once said to myself they couldn’t do characters more stupid than the circus guys.

Damn, I was really, really wrong. =D


No one except yourself can convince you to continue playing. If you feel the weight of this game and are no longer having fun, you can reduce your playtime or not play at all.

Or you can take a break…

Speaking from experience, I did in fact quit 2-3 years ago. I came back once I heard Soul Exchange was introduced, and then Fated Summon came. It was quite the timing. If these two features did not exist, I would probably not be back, frankly.

Hopefully more improvements like SE and FS are introduced to increase QOL and retain your player base @mhalttu @Petri