Convince me not to feed my 3^50 Graymane

OK, I know that I’m going to waste a ton of XP, so let’s get that out of the way first thing. But I’ve finally laid it out and I can’t see that I have use for my maxed Graymane any longer. To wit:

By color: he is my second worst of eight blue heroes, and that’s just because I haven’t finished leveling Gunnar yet. He will be the worst, by power, when Gunnar is maxed.

By class: he is the worst of my five unique sorcerers by power. I also have a duplicate Sabina unleveled in this class. For the trials of mysticism, I use my best three sorcerers plus Onatel and Ulmer. For the trials of shadows, I use my best three sorcerers plus Kelile and Danzaburo. I don’t have a blue hero in the trials of shadows, but I’d have to sit Sabina or Ameonna for Graymane to run a rainbow team.

For war: he is my 28th best hero by power, but he’ll be passed by Gunnar and Poseidon as soon as today. I also plan to level Tyrum, Balthazar, Mnesseus, Domitia, and a second Bane that will all be more powerful than him relatively soon.

For rare events: Of my rare blue heroes, he is fifth of six, until I finish leveling Gunnar. Then, he will be dead last.

For specials: His special doesn’t do anything that can’t be replicated by someone else. It doesn’t hit as hard as a sniper, nor does it heal as much as a healer. And it really isn’t close on either account.

Have I missed any potential uses? As F2P, I’d like to avoid having to spend gems on roster spots a little longer, and it seems like Graymane is taking up one that I could free up without any real impact on my team. Your feedback is appreciated.


I ate mine when nearly maxed…just a waste of a slot imo


You might want him for the raid tourney. But then again, here’s your attention.
Do whatever you want with your heroes.

You have enough alternatives…see ya later wolfman.


Already done that. Oberon and Renfeld are recent casualties. Laying out who I use for what spared Kailani for the time being, but once Tyrum and Mnesseus are up to speed, Prisca and Kailani are also on the block.

Click for boring

Maybe “skins”

Maybe Hero Academy

Boot him! Boot him! Boot him!

These actually were two things I hadn’t thought about, and that was my purpose in posting the topic. With so few details released yet, I don’t think it will be enough to save Graymane from becoming Gunnar food. I suspect I would face the same loss of XP by “trading” him in the Hero Academy (if that is, in fact, how it works). Can’t imagine what the skin could do to make him awesome, but now I’m interested to know what kind of skin they might put out for him. Boss Wolf has the “Big Bad Wolf” motif. Maybe Teen Wolf? :laughing: Hopefully, it won’t be hard to pull another one and level him if the skin makes a huge difference.

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If your goal is to get high scores in Rare Event Quests with red minions, and if – and only if --you’re lacking duplicates of Gato or Valen, then I wouldn’t give up Greymane. He’s better at Rare events than Gunnar if your goal is to get the high scores. Once you get 2 more of Valen and/or Gato, then I’d get rid of Greymane.

Gunnar is great at rare events if your goal is to survive and clear them only. For high scores he wastes time. For raid tournaments where 3*s are the max though, Gunnar is one of the best heroes. I would say that even Karil is better than Greymane at tournaments, and rare quests too.

Good thought, but I’m strictly a “complete and give me my dang emblems” kind of guy. Thanks for bringing that up, though. Wouldn’t have thought of it.

@zephyr1 please move this to the worst mistakes made thread :slight_smile:

@Noble_Weasel, it’s not for thinking about eating him, it’s having maxed him haha. The only thing that would top this is if you had maxed dawa.
Worst mistake you've made in-game? (Serious Mistakes)


Nom-nom. Tasty Graymane snacks could become the next big thing!

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Quite so. Would you believe I let a perfectly good Valen languish so I could max the wolf? And I did the same thing with Tyrum to max Prisca? I really fell in love with the whole self-healer concept until I saw how poorly it works. Thankfully, I wised up before going for the trifecta with Renfeld!

Going back for Tyrum now. Thanks to several dupes, his special is 4/8 when his level is only 1^19!

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Yep. The deed is done. Gunnar is a happy camper, having feasted on a maxed Graymane and a duplicate Ulmer. (It should have been a Guardian Falcon that came through the gate, y’know.)


@Noble_Weasel hopefully you are in a good alliance with good guidance and of course the forums with many experts is another valuable resource.

Your lucky because up until a couple of months ago, once your hero was maxed, you couldn’t keep trying to raise their skills. Wasn’t really a problem for 4*/5* but many 3* were broken like my Bane was skill 5/8, really bugged my OCD just like the red numbers next to the summons button!!

Actually, I’m in a very small alliance of people that I mostly know personally. My 11-year-old nephew is in my alliance, so I feel like I need to keep it close and know who we’re playing with. If that means we only ever kill 3-star Titans, so be it, I guess. I am the leader of the alliance, and I go here to the boards to collect tips and disseminate to my alliance mates. One yesterday was disappointed that he pulled Guardian Falcon because he was hoping for Guardian Kong. Had to let him know he hit the jackpot and didn’t know it!

I’ve been playing since September 2018, so I remember that. Actually, I thought you could keep feeding, but you still only got about a 25-30% chance with a ten-feed. It was a real pain in the rear. I have a second Bane that doesn’t look like he’s going to make it before topping out, and my Gato and Brienne both topped out while still at 6/8. The 5x chance for the special to level after the hero tops out was a great move by SGG.