Converting resources (metal/iron VS food/ham)

It would make sense the option to convert food into metal and viceversa. Obviously with a ratio smaller that 1:1.

For example training two same colour heroes together make the master gains 180 points (first starred training heroes) while mixing colours it gains just 150 points which means loosing 20% of benefit.

So far a ratio of 4:5 or 3:4 would be sane to trade resources. Moreover having a ratio of one gem per 1.000 resources traded with a ratio of 1:1 is fair enough. Adding some randomness that would chose the ratio of current trading could be nice as well (e.g. between 1:2 and 9:10 interval, which would grant about 30/33% of loss on average).

In this scenario the trader could be bribed in gems to increase the ratio by a step from the current and the trading exchange my vary each hour.

How to make make varing the exchange ratio along the time? Four ways:

  1. random among 5:10 … 9:10 which are five steps
  2. by a percentage of converting calculated in the previous hour trading accepted by gamers with a logic of selling / buying. Much food gamers are selling for metal higher the prices the metal increase. And viceversa + trader commission (which could be a combination of fix + variable on volume traded).
  3. like in the previous case but the ratio decrease as much transaction gamers took. In such a way gamers are discouraged to trade among resources to gain time.
  4. A combination of all of these. In which the the fixed pay-for-transaction fee is calculated by point 3 and the variable part by point 4 plus a random part on the total related to the volatility of the prices which is more or less as a real trading market would work.

A lot of people want make trading? Traders are getting expensive (as long as they could not increase in number and could not manage easily a lot more of transaction, but we assume that kind of complications are useless in the business logic of this game). A lot of food is traded for metal, the metal price rise. A lot of transactions took places between the two? The volatility decreases (on average) compensating the increase of fixed fee but in the case that the volatility increases the increase of trading disavantage would prevent it increase more and more.

Finally, I suggest to implement this trading feature in a simpler way and monitoring the trading. Then advanced the trading model, just in case. May I help you in this development? :slight_smile:

Between the food and metal counter a button to trade the two would be a easy to catch GUI.

I hope this helps.

So you are sick of having capped iron and you need food huh?

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That’s right! :joy:

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Um, no picture. Might want to edit.

There is no picture, it is a requesting feature not a feature that exists AFAIK!

See also:


Please, read this comment as well about developing an alliance/global market to trade goods, AM and potentially everything else as with a bid list in which the cheapest stay on the top and others follows (but sometimes cheapest are just few urgent amount of selling while others are longer)

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Be nice to able to use iron for feeding heros say at a 2 or 3 irons for 1 food ratio.

Food is used for many things Where as iron isn’t and is mostly for building and crafting. Once all building are done with iron is just stored.

On the upside if I am not mistaken I did read of new buildings com9into play which may mean we need these irons for those soon.

Only time will tell

i think it would be a good idea to add new building for example a harbor for changing foot to iron or iron to foot in a proportion of 2:1.
So it could be possible to convert for example 1000food to 500iron.
I had this idia based on board game “siedler von catan”.
Kindly regards,

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It’s a good idea, and one that has been discussed before, including in this recent thread:

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Mystic Tower might be upgraded after the Guard Tower reaches the max level and it could work as trading center to exchange food VS iron and viceversa.

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I would also like to see this option with recruits also. And maybe items and troops.

How about a means to convert a building (like the troops building) into a marketplace where you alone can convert iron to food and vice versa?

I noticed early in the game, I’d be out of iron all the time building structures but then after all the buildings are done, you are now out of food building your troops! Either way, you are stymied.

Yes would be awesome if we could exchange iron for food and the other way around.

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I thought it would be good to be able to have the option to swap iron for food in the watchtower and vice versa. Me and many others allways have max iron and low food, we have the max amount of food farms and only 2-3 iron farms and still struggle for food. In the swap food for iron :arrows_counterclockwise: part it would cost more iron than food. Example for 1,000 food it would cost 2,000 iron or something, and for 1,000 iron it would cost 2,000 food. And to be able to choose how much you want to trade. To have the option to select 100, 1,000 or 10,000 worth of resources to trade.

Sounds like alchemy and possibly could be an option there.

Would also be cool to get gems or Atlantis coins by selling food or iron.

100K iron/food => 1 gem
10K iron/food => 1 coin

A few options to convert sth to sth else would be nice.

How about converting food/iron to W.E flags
As the minimum required flags for any match is 3 you could say convert 3000 food/iron for 3 flags. Instant converion and at least you would have reason and resources to stay on and keep playing.

And/Or another option is 1 or 2m for a W.E flask.

It would be nice to have a currency exchange to change iron into food or vise versa, maybe for a rate of exchange just like in the real world (so a percent or 2 you would lose out on when the exchange is processed). It would just be nice to have more of the resource that you need when you are focusing on 1 thing.

Well I just wanted to come back and bump this post up to show support. I think we all have been in situations where we really need, for example, food, but are very low on it; at the same time, our iron storage is at capacity and there is no room for the extra amount. So a way to convert would be very beneficial and efficient.

I wonder how you guys are able to use all food.
I have SH 20, 2 builders and farms mostly at level 18 and mines/WT at level 19 and I constantly have too much iron and too much food.
I keep using my forges to build the items that consume the most food/iron to avoid wasting those away completely.

But the only way to convert food into iron is to use as much food as needed to only win in raids and let your opponents win over you. Maybe even leave your defense team somewhat weak so you stay at a much lower trophy level than you could so you face lesser opponents.