Converting Forges to Barracks (and other questions)

Hello. I converted a forge into a barrack. I am trying to convert another, but the option to converge has disappeared on all of my buildings… any suggestions…

At present, there is only one conversion possible - the one which creates the barracks, or swaps it back to the original building. The coming soon notes in the conversion menu have been there all along, but we’ve never had any hint as to what ‘soon’ might mean, or what any new building might be used for.

Yes I get that. But it’s not allowing me the option to convert another forge into a second barrack. Suggestions…

You can’t convert more than one building into a barracks at a time. You can convert a building into a barracks, convert it back, and convert a different building into the same barracks without losing any construction leveling you’ve put into the barracks.
There simply isn’t any reason to have more than one barracks, because troop training is instantaneous. Train troops, watch animation, all done before you close the screen, so you can’t use two at once.

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Thank you so much. I didn’t know that you could only have one barrack. Do you suggest continuing to level up food and mine production before upgrading my stronghold again (currently at 11). My farms (7) are all level 4, and iron mines are level 7.

My training camps are levels

Thanks for the thread split @Rook. I’d meant to ask previously and forgot. Silly meds making me dozy today. Free advice for all - don’t get sick.

It’s always a good idea to keep the farms fairly high if you can. It’s hard to have too much food at higher levels, needed for both research and training, and when you have too much food before reaching that stage, there’s always troop levelling to use it up.

Mines are less essential if you don’t have VIP. If you do, you’ll need to improve the mines a lot more so you can keep up with the builders.

Before worrying too much over farms and mines though, your primary target right now should be to get to Stronghold 13. Then go for Training Camp 13 so you can start training 3* with a chance of 4*.

You’ll need to keep up with your iron, food and recruit storage buildings too. You’ll need to be able to store at least 70 recruits for TC13 training, and 265k food. Iron storages should always be 2 levels below stronghold level at the lowest so you can keep on with quickly upgrading the other buildings as your stronghold improves.

Overall, I suggest poking through the resources listed on the following page, starting with Coppersky’s Compendium. There’s a lot of info for all player levels. Enjoy your time playing and good luck with the training camps.


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