Convert system

Dear GMs,
I was wondering why dont you add a convert system to convert food into iron and iron into food, this will greatly help newbies to upgrade heros, troops, and make researshs in TC as most of us have full iron most of time due to the long period of wait time while buildings get upgrades.
Edit By adding an ingame merchant that allow us to do that for taking food or iron tax’s to allow the progress, This may make it more fair to the game.
If you like the idea guys please recommend it so the GM get notice.
Amr Olwan.


Given that there are only two resources in the game I think this would be excessive. If you’re having trouble with food and not iron, then upgrade your farms but not your mines. Try and keep all your production buildings at a level where you are producing the same amount of each resource as you are using. Personally, I have all 7 farms around level 12, while my 4 mines are only at level 8.


great advice, I do the same.

I have 8 farms level 17 (I always upgrade them immediately to the level of my fortress) and 4 mines, at 10, 10, 9 and 8. That is more than enough iron for my current needs. Actually, with the long building times and all the iron accumulating, I keep making items in the forge to utilize the iron.


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