Convert one Mine to a Farm Option

I’d like to propose the option to convert one mine to a farm. There are many endgame players who have finished upgrading all buildings and simply do not need so much iron.

As an endgame player I’m using about as much iron as I can. I frequently craft battle items to participate in monthly events for 4* mats in all three categories, my hero academy is making 2* and 3* troops constantly and
I STILL have too much iron, not to mention the endless piles of iron bundles I’ll never use.

I’m sure this option would be largely appreciated by players who are in the same situation. Maybe gain you some brownie points to help offset the slew of veteran players who are leaving following season 4’s premature arrival. Or this could be viewed as an increased food production rate to match the increased new hero release rate. Either way players would like more food, thanks for listening.

100% think this is a Great idea.

Kept reading this ‘endgame’ thingie. I, too, also have finished maxing all structures available, including all 4 Forges and 4 Training Camps. Yet, I barely see myself as an ‘endgamer’ since I don’t have all the best heroes in all event and season/al portals and that there is still Season 4 storyline to finish. Extra iron? I chuck them up in my HA6 with over 400 days worth of queue in there so that when then next patch comes enabling us to convert some more structures to their advanced versions, I will be ready already.

If one truly is on his/her ‘endgame’ and will be retiring the game soon, wouldn’t the surplus of iron (or lack of food) be that much of an issue, right?

On OP’s idea, it seems good. But if I want SG to implement first on AOL improvement, I’d rather have them focus on improving summoning and retraining odds, chest rewards or address dupe legendaries.

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