Convert Duplicate Heroes to Troop Feeders via Alchemy Lab

There’s a hero duplicate problem, but there’s also a troop problem - it’s not uncommon to keep multiple sets of leveled and maximized troops.

With Tournaments — sets of lower troops are relevant
With Ninja Troops — the feeder pool gets smaller

With stronger heroes being added all the time, troops need to keep pace — they haven’t.

Trading in duplicates for feeders or troop trainers would help.

Do you have something in mind how SG would do that via the Alchemy Lab?

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It’s the most reasonable place to integrate, and could be done in a couple of ways — ideally at the lower levels; as the goals are mutual

— Remove duplicates for players by providing something of nominal value that useful

— Remove barriers against summoning additional heroes from various portals

Nominal cost adds friction —

Meat, Iron, some junk from inventory

Receive either a random troop on par with turn in


Receive a troop trainer (new) that’s a similar mechanism to trained heroes

Between the buildings, the heroes, emblems, new troops, advanced items — the amount of ham and time required to get a second troop to 23 or 11(or 2 and 3 stars if desired) is daunting.

It should be hard, but adding new troops to the mix without balancing what’s required to level them is suffocating when what’s required to compete increases.

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It’s less complicated if they could create a troop trainer.

A grey troop with 1*, 2*, 3* ans 4* like the hero trainer, that would appear as loot in the same places that the hero trainer appear.

And they could change the level in HA for hero and troop trainer instead of hero trainer alone.

Agree - But that alone does nothing for duplicates — which are a pain for both player and dev

HA10 is a path for a one to a handful of duplicates - and grants access to everyone that can get it up and running

TC20 is a path to 5*

There’s nothing in between, and there’s nothing to redeem the value of a second or third copy of a hero … making them near worthless.

Linking Kunchen #3 to a drop in the bucket of troop leveling does something small enough to help, without blowing up the existing mechanism.

IMO — It completes the stream of obtaining and refining heroes

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