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I like to go to DragonCon in Atlanta GA every year, but this year, I won’t be able to go. I was wondering if E&P or Small Giant have a presence at any conventions in US, Canada, or Europe that are in the June-September timeframe. Would we hear about it if they did?

EDIT: I am going to DragonCon2019 afterall! Is anyone else planning on going? (if you aren’t you should look into it, it’s a lot of fun). I’m thinking of requesting a fan panel for Empires and Puzzles and maybe just mobile games in general.

Hmm, I think this either needs a bump or needs a new title. I did a search and it’s the only thread of it’s like. A few of us have some Vegas connections and would be happy to start discussing a Las Vegas PuzzleCon for E&P Players. I know that the idea has been kicked around in some of the line discussion groups in the past, but it never amounted to much. I may start a more appropriately entitled thread regarding this topic.

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I would LOVE to go to a puzzlecon! There are so many applicable games, but you could even rope in escape rooms, thriller movies and tv shows, true crime, all kinds of stuff!

Circumstances have changed, and I will get to go to Dragon Con 2019! I am editing my topic to see if anyone else is going and would maybe want to do a fan panel.

I went to Dragon Con 2019! I cosplayed Athena, and ran into another E&P player: Madmarv of 7DH!! He took some really great photos of my cosplay and sent them to me. I put one of them in the card for fun. photo credit-


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