Controversial Idea Regarding Emblem Cost Change

EDIT: This topic was created due to a misunderstanding. Thought number of emblems required would also decrease, but that is not the case. So resetting and re-embleming still costs the same amount of emblems. The topic can be closed now @Guvnor. Sorry for bothering.

Embleming will be cheaper tomorrow with the new balance changes.
Ignore the food and iron spent until now. Theoretically speaking here.

If I use a reset emblem on a +20 legendary 5 star hero TODAY and get 1500 back, will I be able to make two heroes +20 (or something close) TOMORROW? Is this wise?

What will be the new embleming costs? Any idea? Will it be cheap enough to make this idea worth?

Seriously considering stripping Telly+8, Scarlett+18 and Frigg+5 today, getting lots of emblems back and putting all the rogue emblems back on Frigg tomorrow and placing her at tank.

If I knew the new emblem costs, I would even consider stripping all the three stars with gems and get 95% back today.


From release notes:

Notable decrease to Iron & Food costs for learning Hero Talent nodes.

  • Previously the cost to learn all talent nodes was ~13 million food and ~10 million iron.
  • The new cost is ~6.0 million food (~53% decrease) and ~2.1 million iron (~79% decrease).

To my understanding, the actual number of emblems is the same. It is only food and iron cost that will be cheaper. So no, this is not a good idea.


Yeah emblem number will be same just food/iron reduction.
You will start getting twice as much though from the known sources - quests/chests etc after the update.

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That was a misunderstanding on my part then. got very excited for a second there. the topic can close now. thanks for all the replies


Looking at my emblem counts after all these time as a casual player who opens all chests daily and competes with all events , instead of 2 year to fully emblem a hero, The difference for me will be 1 year…

Still extremely long time and far away from being an acceptable power creep issue that exist in the game.

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Closed at request of OP :+1:


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