Control over attack on Titan

Good afternoon
There is a proposal to make in the box below energy expenditure on Titan each player. Thus, the leader will evaluate the investment of each member of the Alliance


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Translates into: “Show us how many attacks everyone made, so we can kick the dead weight”


Each player is allocated 3 units of energy + every 4 hours added another unit of energy to kill the Titan.
Proposal: add a counter that displays how much energy is spent by each player on Titan (taking into account the energy due to the jars on Titan). Someone can time to visit and hit, spending a unit of energy, and someone good has using high. Knowing who has invested how much the leader will apply sanctions to the player.


Seeing flags per player would be nice

now, to find out how many each hit, you have to count manually from the list of attacks, and it is cleared every 12 hours, and it is very inconvenient. A lot of fans of free buns

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It is cleared when new titan arrives, so you have a lot more than 12 hours :wink:

No, the log doesnt contain the full 22h of titan hits.

I fully support the better Titan stats and info idea. More stats, more fun.

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Ow I am also in the “more stats please!” camp :slight_smile:
And the suggested idea is perfect in this category.

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