Continuous ingame crashes with consequencial results

Dear Small Giant Team

I have been playing this game for nearly two years and it gives me the occasional enjoyable distraction.

However i am experiencing crashes on a daily basis.

I play in my Ipad mini 3 and am always cautios that it’s software is up to date, the power is above 50% and it has about 10gb free space and not many apps are open at the same time.
i used to play on my i phone that is currently a no go since it taxes its power consumption way too much.

Before you state its my internet…it definitly is NOT my internet connection. I use my wifi constantly and it is fast and stable.

Ever since season 3 has been introduces i witness more and more crashes on a daily basis with at time consequential results.
It currently happens a lot when i start the game and want to enter the season 4 map (also happened with season 3 map, curiously now not anymore)…the map screen remains black for a few seconds and then it crashes.
No biggy here since i can start the game again and then i can enter season 4 no problem and play the levels.

Sadly the crashes also happen at random during special events, raids, raid revenges, tournaments, wars and dragon attacks.
Usually i happen to have a very good run at the titan and gather lots of damage when the crashes during the last ten seconds. when i get back in, my dragon energy point is gone and the score says i have done 0 damage when in fact it would have been above 100k.
Also very annoying when it happens in tournaments and wars. I usually have a tough fight but am blessed with the tiles and just about to finish my opponent when it crashes. i get back in to witness that the game says i have lost and either my tournament loss counter gets another x or worse in wars i have made 0 pts which is not true. especially in wars its double the rage because instead if giving my team another 60-70 pts which can decide between victory or defeat…the crash simply resulted in 0.
recently i had e very angering situation (see the picture). i revenged the player Piff Paff for the first time and the tiles were on my side and i knew i would win thes when the game crashes. i get back in and see in the watchtower that not only have i lost, but twice in a row (look at the time index) which is impossible! I revenge again and of course i get lousy tiles but manage to kill all his heroes save for one and the last deciding strike goes in his favor and i cant revenge anymore.
not only that but also the heroes i have killed did not count towards the raid wanted chest.
it was rage inducing.

I allready tried all the suggestions here on the forum and on the support page, like rebooting my ipad completely and logging out and in of the game center to no effect.

also this just cant be the solution.

please look into it and fix any bugs you find or at least make it so when it crashes its not a total loss but the defeated heroes/done damage counts.

I have invested quite some money into this game and want to keep playing.
It would be sad if you would loose me as player by rebuffing me with a standards support answer.

My game ID is #TL16J5…you should be able to look up my scores and also see that in the last two wars i had crashes which resulted in 0 pts which is just one coincidence to many.

No game crash experienced recently on my end. How about the others?

No any crashes on my iphone. But I know about bug in EaP + Alarm Clock :slight_smile:

So it happend again.
For some reason Piff Paff was open to revenge again. Not sure if you guys removed the mistakinly double counted loss…if so thanks.

However i gave it another shot to revenge him and i have 3 of his heroes down when it happend again! Game crashing i get back in and double loss.

To note is that i started fighting him with 2650 trophies and it went down just the one time 31 trophies.

Still it was annoying because agin i was about to beat him and win which now counts as a loss.

I wonder what he thinks when seeing this in the pop up results…like why am i able to revenge him 5 times.

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Seems this person is also having issues…

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The next evidence…just fought Bullzero in a tough fight but i was just eliminating his third hero when the game crashes…i come back, see that it gave me a result of my last defeat, 0 score and out of the tournament.
Thats what i mean about frustrating situations…i know i could have beaten probably this entire round of tournament but niw id have to spend 75 gems and i dont want to

Mine crashed again, today during my mythic titan hit lost my scrolls I paid for. Eventually I’ll have to find I new game if it doesn’t stop :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:I love this game but it’s been crashing since s4 was released.

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Sorry to hear that, @Tea. I dunno about this bug you guys are experiencing. I have experienced several game crashes in past when I do raid hits, war hits, titan hits and even when farming BUT only when my internet connection is unstable. I haven’t (YET) experienced double loss on game crashes. Try clearing caches and phone memory or uninstall some unused app. Maybe it’ll help.

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I wiped it doesn’t help … I’m going to get a new phone. Hopefully soon it is a old iPhone :pensive: thank you.

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My game also crashes regularly on my iPad, mainly after mystic vision is activated. It, however, never crashes on my phone. It can’t be the internet.

Same thing just happened to me. Revenged an attack and crashed. Counted as two losses. Running iPad Mimi 2. Game crashes on me 6-10 times a day. Really frustrating especially when it crashes during a war battle. Pretty much done with this game because they aren’t fixing. Crashes are getting worse instead of better.

I use an iPad mini (latest model) too. Plus iOS phones. Not crashing as often now, touch wood. Think the crashes are due to server disconnect on their end.

I experienced the same on previous games when player traffic is particularly heavy or servers having a bad day

Best to send in a formal ticket to customer support. And officially register your complaint.

Cos this forum is not a direct link to SGG CS or Devt Team

Until they reply, hope you have a smoother play experience.

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