Continuous drop in pull rates

They won’t, because they’ve abandoned this game to just be a passive income stream. I choose not to participate.

Burn E&P Starterpack:

Zero spending (no VIP, nothing)
Zero summoning
Zero raiding
Zero chest filling
Let farms and mines rot
Never click Mystic Vision (esp. now that you have to watch 3-4 ads in a row just to get a reward)

This comment was so spot on a year ago and the whole thing is just much worse today. I’m a C2P and I think of myself with a fairly decent main defense team (Heimdall Rafaelle Telluria Sif Tyr - not Tyrum lol) but on raids I get with teams that I can’t even possible imagine how someone can have them…Friga, Odin, Red Purple and Blue Ninjas. Having one or two of these I can comprehend the odds but all?! How many pulls one has to do?! It’s insane. Is not about me being patient and wait and one day I’ll be able to face teams like this…I just won’t. Because even if I get some of those ninjas… By then there will be 300 new more powerful heroes those teams suddenly have.
Empires and Puzzles is not one game anymore. It’s at least two, split between budgets. I would almost prefer they would create a top league for the big spenders so us peasants could pretend they don’t exist. XD

Saying that I definitely need to find a mechanism, an app to block EP from my Google play and cards. There’s really zero point about putting more money into this casino.

Different raid tiers
Different level alliances
3*, 4* and 5* tournies and events
Different tier titans

Some of the rewards differ… or.did you mean A league competitions and D league competitions with exactly the same rewards?

No no, add more to the current tiers. They could have better rewards. What I’m saying is there’s a massive gap between low diamond and top 5000?! Something like that. Create a higher arena . Super exclusive. And let all those with the impossible teams fight each other.

I do agree with this. An arena for 2700+ cups

The common Empirical Whale has been known to migrate as far as 1000 cups away from their home territory in search of warmer waters in search of lower level plankton in order to fill their chests, before making the long journey back home to the Diamond Sea…

While it is uncommon for Killer Whales in captivity to attack their human caretakers, it does happen occasionally, and usually with devastating results…

As competition for limited food sources in the open sea grows fiercer, many deadly sharks have been seen migrating to shallower waters where they are not normally found, resulting in an alarming increase in local shark attacks on unsuspecting tourists who are new to the area…

While rarely ever spotted on the ocean surface, reports of deadly giant squid lurking in the deepest ocean depths have been confirmed, and further verified by numerous dead whales washing up on local shores, covered in numerous large suction cup shaped bites.


Too good. Too real.
Incredibly spot on. Could SG address things like this instead of creating new shiny toys all the time?

Years ago I used to know a guy who would bet on two flies crawling up a wall and everything was a competition. I accused him of being a compulsive gambler and he responded with, “I’m a winner, A WINNER!!!”. His wife was almost in tears but he just HAD to win at any cost.

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Agreed but any business owner should already know that, I don’t think they care much about what the players want it’s more about building new seasons instead of expanding the land etc. I used to spend a lot of $ each month, now I won’t, at least 16 5 stars waiting to move up and never ever enough materials to do it.

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