Continuous drop in pull rates

I couldn’t agree more. I have several members of my alliance who are ready to quit the game. It has turned into a purely money chasing entity. I a capitalist and agree that the game deserves to make a decent profit but they are on the verge of pricing themselves out of success. Lower pricing and greater rewards will lead to a more successful game.

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What you have said is totally true. I have spent so much in the past and then suddenly sg introduced new heroes and thus making my old heroes redundant. I spent some money to pull and get all the 3* and older heroes that I already have. I gave up on this game

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Sadly, I’ve seen all this before. I played Kingdom Age for more then 3 years and once they saw how much money they could make off the whales, it was all downhill from there and the game desintegrated and everybody quit.
I fear the same thing will happen here and… on to the next game… and the next game…

But everything sounds good in Captain Picard’s voice! But seriously, I have stopped spending money because I spent 20 bucks on feeders way too many times.

I really appreciate the fact that people are communicating with the company about their disappointment. I knew it felt like I had worse luck this year, now I know why. I will continue with the monthly vip and nothing else…it’s pointless.

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I spent a bit of money early on and didn’t get much to show for it. Even some totally free players were having better luck in their summons. And the ones who were spending and getting lots of good heroes, I found out they were spending way more money than I could afford. No wonder they were so far ahead of me!

I don’t mind spending a little money to support a game company, but once I figured out that the summon gates were basically just hero slot machines, I decided to cut off my spending and try to just be happy with whatever I get. It’s better for both my wallet and my sanity that way. Not only that, but my luck actually seemed to improve significantly once I stopped spending. So, win/win. :sunglasses:

Slot machines are programmed to pay out less often the more money you put in…

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Many are, yes. But each machine is programmed differently. Some are programmed to almost never pay out at all, while some of the “higher profile” machines (those that are clearly visible to people entering the casino) are usually programmed to pay out at higher rates than normal, in order to give other patrons the impression that people win there all the time.

I’ve suspected that there might be a mix of both going on here, though in my case, the machine didn’t start paying out until after I stopped putting money in. I’m not sure if that’s their way of trying to lure me back in to buying gems…? Or their way of trying to make amends for me having an early run of bad luck? Most here would argue that it’s just RNG, and that seems like a reasonable enough explanation to me. I just wish that my good luck streaks had coincided with the times I had more gems to spend, and not vice versa. But, c’est la vie. :man_shrugging:

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The fact is that as long as there are people who throw hundreds, if not thousands, of euros to get a new hero, we small fish will have no say. Personally I think that slowly abandoning the game to migrate to something more convenient is the best thing to do … and maybe come back every now and then to see if something has changed …

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It’s very simple. Someone at the top of Small Giant has made a great video game, is very greedy, and is playing on your minor addiction.

It’s rather like tobacco without the spectre of death at the end. So, imagine if Small Giant was a cigarette company a couple of decades ago. £10 for a packet of twenty, and a 1.3% chance of a real cigarette in there, the rest being candy. They’d be lynched in minutes. I’m surprised the player base tolerates it as much as it does.

I do VIP and one ten-pull a month now and that’s it, my budget goes on beer and treats for my family. That’s a lot more satisfying than spending it on greedy pixel-pushers.

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More then 50% of all heroes are five stars, but only 2.6% chance of getting one per single summon, so something must be really wrong here.
If they won’t up these rates they should lower the cost.
100 gems for a single pull, 850 gems for a 10 pull.
The more people can get 5 star heroes, the more the game get balanced.
(Yes, dream on, I know…)

I hear you McDaddy, and l support you. There are not only heroes but also items and troops I’d like to have, to enjoy playing the game. How does one, other than speaking out, convince the breadwinners, that they are earning too much, when the business model they have is so successful?
I can stop buying and just play for free, but in time it’s just frustrating. A pity that the time invested in the game, has absolutely no worth at all.


i’m almost certain that your stats are the things wrong here! Using your assertion on numbers and my roster where I have 36 unique 3 stars and 32 unique 4 stars would mean that there are at least 68 unique 5 star heroes. I don’t believe that for a second.

I’m with you on this. I get disgusted and discouraged by these pulls. Everyone says wait till you have a lot of gems and tokes. I’ve spent my fair share on Vip’s and trainer hero’s. I think people should get paid for their hard work, but I agree they have gone to far with the greed and that shows especially with the hero pulls. I stand beside you on this and I will not spend anymore money on this game.

Thanks for speaking out.


You are lucky then, most peoples rooster does not even come close to that. Are you a pay to play? Majority of players don’t have funds to PTP like others. If not like I said you are very lucky

Believe it or not, there are currently 105 unique 5* heroes in the live game, not including costumes.


105 5*
52 4*
47 3*


An interesting point and question; by my definition I am definitely not PTW but probably PTP and by others, quite possibly both!. I have been playing for just under 16 months. In the first 8 months i spent ~ $80 and had just 5 maxed 4 stars to show for it (I didn’t feel lucky!). A couple of months later I realised the stupidity of begrudging SG a portion of my entertainment/ beer money for the time I was spending.

To give you some roster perspective; I have just 7 x 5 stars (1 maxed) and of those, 3 came from just 2 weeks of TC20 and 2 in just the last 2 weeks (one of which came from a hero token from a monster chest). I wasn’t even happy about it! The damned thing popped out and my heart just sank. I literally do not have much use for them and they consume 2 times the ascension mats and twice the food for a hero that is ~15% more powerful possibly? That is just nuts!!

Whatever game you choose, just make sure you enjoy it! :slightly_smiling_face:

Note: Just for the record. The summons gate (with the exception of Valhalla) makes me feel sick. The regular 1 & 2 star portal, by contrast, has given me 6 x 3 stars in the last week!!!

Great thread!

I would love to see more players talking with their wallets. Sadly I think that it’s the only thing that will make SG pay attention. I’ve also spent a good amount in this game. I’m by no means a ‘whale’, but they get a good portion of my disposable income.

My issue is that it’s starting to feel disposable in the sense that I’m basically throwing it away. When I spend $200+ in a month and all I can show for it is the 7th or 8th duplicate of a vanilla hero, I start to feel pretty salty.

Add to that the number of game friends who are dropping off due to frustration, the poorly considered game direction (IS there a direction??), the terrible communication from the devs, and the seeming complete lack of concern for player QoL updates… well, to say that I’m losing interest rapidly is an understatement.


Right. As I said: more then 50% !!!

I think we definitely should be speaking with our wallets. I have drastically reduced my spending, and intend to reduce it even further given my 1.5% pull rate for the over 300 pulls I’ve done since early Feb. When they see a drop in income, Small Giant may finally improve their practices a bit. I know many others, including in my top 10 alliance, who have similarly massively reduced spending. It’s just not worth it any more, and they are not willing to spend thousands to chase a .2% hero (though some certainly are, and SG will continue those practices as long as those whales make up for what they lose from us plebs). There are many ways they can make things a tiny bit more fair without upsetting the players who have spent a fortune (which includes me, sadly).

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