Continuous drop in pull rates

I don’t think they have more players willing to spend 1000$. Their player base is rapidly decreasing you can see it. Because now they offer VIP pass if you invite some friend to play. It didn’t used to be like than in the past.

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Not so much more players, still mostly the same players. I think nowadays the new players come in and spend some money before getting quickly discouraged. But they’ll continue to cater to those who do spend, for as long as they can, until they stop spending.

After that…? Your guess is as good as mine.

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Ive been playing over a year and they had that offer. Same golden dragon avatar and all.

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That has nothing to do with losing players, it has to do with gaining.

Nothing is guaranteed in beta., not even the odds. They can change it when ever they want. I speak for myself. did several 10x pulls and 30x pulls. And normaly I get 1 or 2 past heroes and already receive 3 mysterious hero, Not leveled. That’s what it is. Luck? Odds? Or just some of 2.

Of course that is the whole point of inviting new players.

I tried to invite my dad to play, hoping he would join my alliance. He’s an avid gamer (and usually a fairly hefty spender).

Started describing the game to him…

“Oh, it’s one of those games…”

Apparently he’s already familiar with gacha games, and not a fan. :confused:

Shame, because he would have been awesome to have on my team.

That is EXACTLY the time to discuss it, though, since they rarely change things after initial release :slight_smile:

Yes, certainly.

But occasionally people get rather carried away with the concept of Beta and get very vexed when it’s different on release.

A few notable exceptions

  • costume pulls including hotm chance and original hero - good overall
  • tournament loot horribly nerfed - riots in the streets :laughing:

Still salty…

20 salty guvnors…


Very sorry @Guvnor

Though I will admit that it does bring me a small degree of comfort knowing that even the mods sometimes get salty about the game. :grin:


Oh if you peruse the thread about tournament loot I was rather frustrated… At the time admittedly I was just a user, not even a “regular”… But I’m still not overly impressed with the decision to leave the rewards so miniscule… Especially seeing as the promised “new” ways of getting ascension materials STILL don’t exist… But anyways, that’s a topic for a different thread.


I think everyone who plays this game gets salty about something at one point or another. In fact, it would almost be weird if they didn’t. Who here hasn’t gotten a godawful board? Who here hasn’t gotten terrible loot after getting a great score on a titan? Who here hasn’t lost a raid to someone that they definitely should have been able to beat? Who here hasn’t had a streak where most of their summons give them freaking season one 3* heroes one after another? If you’ve never at least once in your life been mildly tempted to throw your phone across the room, you’ve probably never played E&P. :laughing:


I play for 14 months now and just got one hero of the month…I have a member in my aliance who has almost all months the HOTM, just with regular pulls, has i do. And worse…He almost always gets 2 or 3 in the same month…
I never got any 5* in Atlantis pulls or in the 3rd season…
Its just sad… (oh I’m level 60)


There’s a very very good chance that member in your alliance is buying a lot of extra pulls and not admitting to it.


Ah yes, the promised new ways of getting ascension materials do exist, they just involve paying money :moneybag:

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What is the vebrievation of CTP

Cheap To Play, someone who has the credit card attached, but buys cheap stuff like VIP or the cheapest offers only. I don’t think anyone had any real brackets there what exactly makes you CTP, for some “cheap” is 5$ per month, for some 20$…


Yeah it’s very much open to interpretation, based on each person’s individual budget. Personally I think averaging anything more than $50 USD a month definitely puts you in “pay to play / pay to win” territory, but others might see $200 USD a month as still qualifying as “cheap to play”. So far I’ve averaged about $7 USD a month. That’s CTP by my definition. But there are many others who have spent even less than that, those I would classify as VCTP (VERY cheap to play).

Also, I don’t use any of these terms derisively. I don’t have a problem with someone who enjoys the game and wishes to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on it - more power to them if they can afford it. I just realize that they will most likely have in-game advantages over me, and that’s fine. Same as I don’t have a problem with someone who enjoys the game but can’t afford to (or doesn’t want to) spend any money on it at all, that’s also fine.

Of course we’re all going to have different opinions on game balance, summoning odds, what constitutes “fair” vs. “unfair”… on the one hand, I think it’s unfair that free and cheap players can’t keep up with bigger spenders; on the other hand, they did spend a lot of money on the game, so they deserve some kind of reward for that… :man_shrugging: It’s not possible to make everyone happy all the time. I just spend what I can afford to… (which is probably going to be $0/month now for at least the foreseeable future)… try to be happy enough with what I get and try to stop worrying about what everyone else has.


On the recent distinction of what is ‘cheap to play’ I would suggest someone who does spend money on the game but infrequently. ‘Pay to play/win’ as someone who spends on a regular occurrence.

That said… I’m a little puzzled about what pull rate is dropping. Delving further into things mentioned, but not really explained, this seems to be a reaction to something being tested in beta which has its own set of odds when it comes to pulls.

It does seem when new characters are added into the pool of possible pulls then the odds to pull a specific character goes down. But the published pull odds don’t make the claim for specific characters with the exception of the HOTM to some extent. As far as I can tell the pull odds are in reference to the rarity of the character. Perhaps someone could clarify my confusion.

I agree… I think it’s all set up on algorithms. For example my husband have never once gotten a decent pull in what 2-3 years? I have done better up until this past year. Another thing is when you put recruits in to grow them… I always get the same ones over and over and over… in playing the game… I rarely get troops but my husband gets more troops than heros… even on the daily free summons… I agree the odds need to be greater. He hasn’t done a pull in over a year, has at least 15k in gems. I have over 10K and I don’t do pulls very often anymore. I did last month and was shocked I got the HotM. Extremely rare… So yeah I am in complete agreement… as much as we spend FOR THEM TO GET THEIR PROFITS. You would think ascension items would be easier to get, leveling up etc… For me personally, the better I do, in a pull etc… the more I am apt to spend… common sense… wish they had some.

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