Continuous coin/ token/ free summons

when those of us on VIP do the daily free summons, we get both summons back to back without needing to click twice.

when we summon 10x or 30x on a portal, those summons come continuously with just a single button click and confirmation that we want to spend those gems.

please add functionality to be able to toggle how many “free” summons we would like to use continuously so we don’t need to spend coins or tokens one summon at time. if i have 35 Challenge coins, i would like to select the option to summon 3x; if i have 8000 Tower coins, give the option of 80x continuous summons. if i have 50 Epic Hero Tokens but only want to use 25, i would like the option of 25x continuous summons just to minimize the number of button presses.

(tried to search for if this topic was already done and didn’t find anything.)