Continuing worsening boards

Amazing, the “rigged” boards have conspired to allow my to win my last 14 raids, all with mono teams.

According to the tinfoil hat people, this should be impossible…

Wow, tin foil hat people ?

Winning doesn’t mean anything , i also win a lot.
But i also see patterns and changes especially when SG are trying to sell continues on the tournament.

Opposing the tin hat theory is the not being naive theory… i.e. The random is manipulated…

I.e. How many of you have ever had a starting board where 3 colors are already connected?
I know the answer… It’s never…
It’s not true random…It’s Manipulated.

And i agree, synergy doesn’t even come into play of you don’t activate… What complete nonsense.

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The boards with already connected colours are discarded and replaced, that is a known fact that SG have stated, not a sneaky proof of something sinister.

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It’s proof there is an algorithm to manipulate random…
I love the contradictions… the defending position is that it’s so unlikely that SG use algorithms to manipulate random, when there is proof of one right at the start of every match .

SG just brought out LB to increase power , which will be rare and they will sell.
Then they decreased silent buffs.
So what they are saying is you have to buy LB to stay the same power as you are right now.
And you naively think these people are above committing morally corrupt acts?

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I love the ignorance, whether intentional or unintentional, of anything that is said which is in opposition to your own views. Nobody is saying anything contradictory - the argument is that SGG is not manipulating the boards against players regardless of spending patterns, tournament off colors or color stacking. Everyone acknowledges the removal of matches at the outset in order to remove an unfair advantae to either the defender or the offensue due to starting cascades. The replacement board configuration is still 100% random in terms of the split of colors

I’m willing to believe the boards are rigged against me after returning to the game after a sabbatical. :laughing:

I think we’re all willing to believe it at times :grin:

Welcome back, by the way.

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