Continuing worsening boards

He must be there to counteract C.Rigard’s attack buff. Plus, green strong against Isarnia. A 1-stack will do big time damage – eventually.


Yeah you’re right - to debuff Rigard - but mostly in case he fired and healed everyone back up

I’m not sure that thread was a complaint thread that should be merged into this complaint thread. It seemed more like a joke challenge thread.

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I’ve killed Tyr in my first move of a raid battle, had him repeatedly revive until his special was charged, use his special to revive himself, and then revive multiple times after that. In the end, I killed Tyr on my first turn, every subsequent turn, and he ended up being the last enemy alive.

I think that is just random, but what are the odds?

What I finding myself thinking isn’t random is the rate at which raid/war opponents revive, dodge, and restore dead heroes compared to how often I do, or how often they miss versus my misses. I, as a subconscious learned response, am always planning my next move when killing a hero who revives as my last enemy.

That’s just perception I suppose.

What I would just about guarantee isn’t bias or perception is that Misandra gets multiple hits way more frequently when there is a single foe left compared to multiple. My learned expectation is for multiple hits at least half the time if the match is at its end, and just single hits any other time.

It’s probably just confirmation bias, but it’s true anyway.

I absolutely hate how the game play on E&P gotten even worse than be for . You not only fight your enemy got to fight the board too just hate it and make way enough money to do better than that and they put this disgusting algorithm into the games to compete against you. Like if you have all the colors they spread everything out the minute one of your heroes die they put all those colors for the dead heroes and then God forbid you have one less hero color they put all those colors that the heroes you got I mean it’s disgusting and it’s a headache and it kind of makes you don’t even want to play you know you lose lose and you pay all this money to pull good heroes and you pull junk and is sick in it and they really need to do something about it ASAP


It’s absolutely becoming a joke!
16 raids as a test with mono blue and a grand total of all of those raids! 22 blue tiles. 22!!! Lmao!
Random, it’s about as random as taking a dump in the morning!


Sorry again. It’s like the scratch on the roof of my mouth that would heal if…



If that’s true, and it could be. No one has seen the code. Well then…

Couldn’t the seed have used:

To start sequencing tiles. And then bypass the next 50 boards after switching from beta to live. Is that not possible?

Almost to the point where if you wanted mono green live. Load up G-P-R-B in beta :joy:

But only when the tide is receding,
If the seed is more complex and using multiple values, that is.
Such as raid history

Still struggling with “proof”

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Video #1 is my watchtower. Video #2 is showing each of the teams I have fought and the team I am using to fight them. I take the same 4.2k team (3 purple, 1 red, 1 green) against predominantly 4.7k Freya/Bera teams. I have won 17 of my last 17 raids, the one before that was a loss.

To win each raid I need to get at an absolute theoretical minimum of 9 purple tiles. So in the same span of time I have gotten 153 tiles in my stack color minimum. Now most raids I end up needing many more - let’s say double as an average. This is because the green and red tiles are healer tiles, and the purple tiles are all hit all/hit 3, with one hero at 3/70 - so one round of specials cannot kill anyone, especially as the tank(s) are purple with minimal tile damage. So is it actually possible that I have gotten 306 tiles in my stack color in the same amount of time that you have gotten 22? Seems unlikely, but I guess it is possible. Is yours the norm or an exception? Do you average 1-2 tiles in your chosen stack color in every raid that you do? Mine is the norm, for the most part (the win rate in my watchtower is slightly higher than my usual win rate).

The point is regardless of whether I am a good player or not, or if my team is OP (it has great synergy, but is certainly not OP especially at 4.2K TP) that I must be getting 18 tiles of my desired color before the enemy finishes me off… so how can the board possibly be manipulated against my desired stack color? It would be impossible to get this many wins in a row if it was manipulated

Tell me you your secret and I will worship you as a god.

Sadly, realistically, raid boards are not an issue for me generally at all; I don’t have your success rate but I rarely get 17 Platinum raid opportunities in a row either. All I get is Diamond bloodsuckers rerolling down. I have to re roll to get something less than 400 tp above me? Those teams can literally one hit kill my entire team in 2 turns (after specials charge).

My issue is with Titans, events and tournaments. My belief is they use an adaptive algorithm to give you one. In my case that usually gets stuck sideways.

Firstly, the awesome synergy this team has. I am only taking on Freya/Bera tanks at the moment because I am enjoying this team so much, and it is so effective. Grimble and Alfrike are a match made in heaven - I need 9 purple tiles and the raid outcome is almost sealed. Malicna complements both nicely. The off color healers are C BT and C Melendor, providing a good instant heal (useful for countering Elizabeth) and attack boost whilst C Mel is absolutely essential for the Krampuses and Sifs and C Kads to some extent, as well as the added survivability of the defense up. He can also act as 2 dispellers in one if I trigger him then trigger Grimble with 10 minions on the field and then trigger him again - this can dispel Krampus taunt followed by Sif counter and any other buffs. Alfrike at 3/70 is beefy enough to survive most situations but I am certainly looking forward to 5 tabards in the future when I can ascend her. Even though my team is 4.2K TP the synergy makes it much more effectrive than my 4.3, 4.4 and 4.5k teams.

I do about one mono war hit per war on average - all other hits are in at least 2 or 3 colours as I do find that this gives you a lot more leeway in surviving poor boards than mono.

I have also started playing tiles a bit differently - much more selective in where I make matches. I try to aim for Freya/Bera, with Sif/Krampus and similar support heroes an OK option too - as long as it looks like I will be able to handle their buffs through C Melendor or waiting it out or just blasting through it. I actively try to avoid putting tiles into dangerous hitters like Frigg, Finley etc unless I have little other choice.

In most of my matchups I was giving up about a 500 TP advantage but I thikn the difference between 4.7K and 4.2 and 4.2K and 3.7 is probably not as pronounced. In regards to specials that can decimate me - basically if I let Frigg and Odin both hit at medium tiles I am done for. I definitely don’t have high survivability as I have 2 4s, 1 5 at 3/70, and one 5* with mid emblems - only Grimble is super maxed. I also only have 18* troops max. But in most cases I can get my 9 purple tiles before the opponent unleashes their hitting specials - and if they do unleash their hitting specials I usually have an instant heal or HOT ready to overcome it

Of course boardplay comes into it, but that is a whole chapter on its own. But putting together the team synergy in my heroes vs the opponent heroes, the broad strategies of which tiles to charge up and which opponents to charge up, and the more detailed boardwork strategies - this combines with the board usually providing enough tiles for a positive outcome, even if the starting board doesn’t have many of the tiles for my stack

I accept goat and/or virgin sacrifices

@sft1965 I recorded my next 6 raids which took it to a 23 raid streak. As far as I can see the key is a well selected team vs a well selected target with controlled board movements and and some luck.

@Tazman I must be the luckiest player in this game to keep getting the tiles in opposition to the board manipulation. Did you see the purple diamond lined up for me in this first raid?

FYI for you. Thought you might find the team I use interesting as it is a variation of the Grimble/Alfrike team you were showing in your youtube vid. Malicna pairs pretty well with those two.

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I don’t think you understand how deterministic the boards were or how beta works.

When a new beta version is ready to test, the player imports a copy of their current live game account into the beta server. The player enters the live game and beta versions through different applications. In the scenario a year ago, importing your live game also copied the pRNG seed used to create the initial boards. So when the player booted up each, both the live and beta server versions generated the same sequence of starting boards on each corresponding app.

So now you have two identical copies of an account on two different apps. One in the beta environment, one in the live environment. These accounts also do not communicate with one another.

In the beta environment, the player was able to load an initial board to view. Then they would load the live game and see that same board. This could be done multiple raids in a row without reimporting a new copy from the live game to the beta server. Each time, the player could change the team makeup in the live version and get the exact same board. The player didn’t have to reimport to sync the pRNG seed each time; as the initial boards were already stored on the device. Changing the team makeup (from 3-2 red-purple to mono-green in the example) had no effect.

I recorded a series of 4 raids for live-beta comparison (used rainbow and only recorded the first 3 moves before fleeing). No imports were done and all 4 had the exact same initial board; despite my laziness in keeping track of the different moves I made and seeing new replacement tiles in the subsequent moves. The initial boards were all identical. All it means is that if you know the pRNG seed, the initial boards can be deterministic. The initial boards are already stored on your device before you pick your team and therefore cannot be a function of said team. I personally have an image of the boards being the same, despite the teams being totally opposite.

Beta(left), Live(right)

If there were other factors such as raid history, then two different players showing the same behavior is highly improbable. One player shows 3-2 to mono and the other shows rainbow to 4-1, yet the boards are still identical.

If even after all of that, you think that’s not enough evidence, there’s a purely live-game study of color-stacking and tile counts done by @Garanwyn here:

I dropped by to say that the boards are not team dependent, and I have presented enough evidence to back up this theory sufficiently in my view; including visual evidence that I would deem incontrovertible. Take it or leave it, I’m moving on at this point.

I see that some replies have shifted. My original post with the other image of duplicate boards is here


4 year daily E&P player here. You probably already know this SGG, but your war games are causing droves of players to quit and/or go F2P. It’s pointless to keep pulling and leveling heroes if you’re unable to fire off their specials due to lack of “random” color drops… I don’t mono either. 3/2, 3/1/1, 4/1… doesn’t matter.

Nerfing us into oblivion is unoriginal and lazy. Expand the board, add another color but keep the drops loose, add different powered tiles - that when matched - are stronger in attack or raise mana faster… etc… etc… You’ve been given tons of ideas and you just add more events on a flawed tile board setup.

Yep, countless threads complaining about this. Merge me into legit complaints purgatory with 1000s of others. But that’s the point.

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Approximately seven hours have passed and yet none even commented or given their vote, not even the OP.

Wow, one of the true veterans in the game. Some of them already think early to “better run” (read: veteran; pun intended). So they did. They quit.

Eh??? Is it really because of alliance wars? Nope. I don’t think so. Some left because they got bored. Some left because they are tired of the grind. Some left because the game aint fun for them anymore. Some left because they can’t get the latest prized heroes. Some left because they can’t get the necessary ascension mats for their heroes. Some left because they want to save their wallets. Some left because they find the game more inclined to whales and paying players. Some left because their requests for a better gaming experience were left to naught. Some left because they want to prioritize their real lives. But this is the only post I’ve seen rationalizing leaving players due to the issues on wars. Come on !!

Aren’t specials charged because of the favorable tiles matched and not because one is pulling and leveling heroes? If you are losing in raids and in wars because you are pulling and leveling heroes, and not because of better judgment on which tile to move, then I am speechless. :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

If mono, 4-1, 3-2, 3-1-1 don’t matter, try rainbow. Maybe you’ll excel there.

First time I’ve heard that the players are the ones really nerfed, not the heroes.




Nope. There are already certain mechanics where favorable tiles are greatly powered. It’s called stacking. And yes, very recently, certain heroes further enhance the damage caused by certain tiles. And yes, the new heroes also have a chance of making certain favorable tiles to deal damage even if they are not matched.

As for mana effects, heroes and troops do that. It’s also called matching tiles for you to generate mana faster. The more you match, the mana bar gets filled. Maybe certain maps also affect mana generation. Rush wars and tourneys? But you already knew that. You are a veteran.

Alas they did. And the implementation and resolution of those ideas only came to the live game at a snail’s pace. I wonder how you were able to keep playing for 4 years if you were able to ascertain that the tile board setup is flawed?

Up to the moderators. Especially if OP failed to use the search option of this forum and just posted a thread thinking it was something unique and first.

BTW, what was your war request again?

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We just need something from this happening during wars and tournaments…

Would definitely breath new life into the game. Was even match. No super activated. Pics are consecutive turn order. These days makes me walk away for awhile…

The boards seem different in raiding. For some reason it happened with the formation option. They seemed to be one set of patterns for non formation option and different set with the formation option. With the flip flop between testing and moving to production it was even more noticeable. The really odd thing is I can raid with the same team one day and lose all day long and the next day win all day long with the same team.

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Fixing the BS in raids, pick a 3-2 get the complete opposite of what you need, change team and get the colors you needed the first time.
It’s a joke how the boards have been lately. Losing to a player 26 levels below with way less team power because of the BS which came up, give me a break!!

Enough!!! It’s happening too much and am not the only one who’s noticing it! Fix it!

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So all of the people who know that boards are rigged lately inspired me to count starting colours again. I did 210 raids before I gave up out of boredom/laziness, but in those 210 raids my 3 or 4 stack teams had an average of 6.93 tiles starting in their colour - exactly in the range expected. There was streaky behaviours in there, but that is also exactly what you would expect of RNG. So for me the question of good boards/bad boards/colour stacking is well and truly laid to rest.

I win something like 80% of my raids with my 4k TP team vs 4.6-4.8k TP teams. Synergy within your team and choosing the right opponents is far more important than team power, or player level (which actually has nothing to do with anything)

Synergy means absolutely Jack when the boards don’t do anything!
To the point of 0-17!!! 17 raids not one win against a whole mixture of teams!
Recorded 9 of them and literally impossible to do anything, with 1 or 2 tiles in either a 3-2, 4-1 or mono combination.
All my teams are 4500-4700.

When the boards are so bad, what do you do?, literally 17 losses in a row! Give me a break and tell me that’s a not a load of crap!

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Can you share these 9 please?

And I had 24 wins in a row, so…

yes , this happened with me.

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