Continuing worsening boards

As they say, “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t stop it from churning up the mud and getting leeches all over its legs”.

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You guys might be over-reacting. There is little to no context in @notyou87 and their post aside from ‘bad board-lost fight’. There is nothing specific aside from being in this thread that some kind of conspiracy theory or otherwise is being proposed. Whatever he chose to bring to the fight, it’s a post any player can relate to and laugh at in terms of the luck we all have sometimes. Seems to me a harmless vent and bashing them for it is uncalled for.

I, for one, was not singling out any particular poster.

And, as I once commented way up this thread somewhere (or maybe it was in another thread, who can keep track?) if boards have been continually worsening for all this time I am fully expecting to face in every raid now boards with no tiles whatsoever. Just blank spots.

I came across a board the other day with negative tiles in my color

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Ooh, when you matched them did they add to the opponent’s health?

When I matched them I got a message saying “You have won too much without giving us any money. Screw you. Sincerely SG” and my raid energy went into negative

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I bet you grew a beard too :crazy_face: Mirror, mirror on the wall

The fact of the matter is, and we all know it will be the case, had I taken mono blue instead, those blue tiles would have all been red tiles. It would have been the opposite regardless.

I use this mono red a lot against everything except blue tanks, and I have a high success rate for it, or at least I win more with it than I lose. So long as I can set Vanda off, Santa is then - hopefully, providing I get more reds - easy to kill, and so are the rest.

Of course i understand boards are random.
But the photo was just to show how bad it can be. You can’t get much worse than that… lol

It wasn’t actually meant as a “all boards are bad” but I mean, come on, you should at least have 1 or 2 in your colours that you need, not 0. I think this was my very first time I have ever had 0 in all the raids I have had (11,683 raid wins). Obviously as with everyone else, some days (whole days) my luck is terrible and I can’t get any tiles no matter how many other tiles I remove/clear then other days it seems to be raid after raid I get “too many” of the colour/s I need.

This was just meant as a “lolz” and “wtf” both in one for how terrible of a board it is - this thread was the only one I could think of to stick it in.


If you are playing mono you should use fast Heroes only. Thats all i can say.

Cool idea, except that the beta board scandal proved you completely wrong.

That showed you could see what board the RNG was going to create, then go to live, use a different team entirely, and… the board didn’t change.

Everyone ■■■■■■■■ about this crap just forgets every time they have a good opening board. Because that would prove they’re wrong, and they just can’t accept that.

@NotoriousDAD I am pretty sure you have muted me, but still… I do it all the time in war, too. And have a high win rate with that team. And despite the belief that tiles for stacked teams have been disappearing for months/years… pretty much a high win rate with all my other (mono and 4/1) teams. So, to put it simply… you are wrong.

I have played this game for over two years. And in War I have saw a consistent trend. This does not happen to my team members in my alliance that I can determine but this game will not give me tiles of any really way that I can win any war attack with some reasonable chase. If it is a 3/2 split, the tiles are so skewed against what I have it is not funny. And no I don’t have screen shots or data to back it up because whatever I would produce all you would say is that is the algorithm and random chance. But consistent chance against you is not random… Did you developers intentionally write a tag to that looks at your team places more of a higher chance that non color heroes present will roll it? BECAUSE AS OF NOW THERE IS NO USE FOR ME TO BE IN WAR. I cannot do anything at all… This might be griping but it is an Issue in enjoyment of this game… Please for the love of God look into this. I am tired of getting nothing…

How do other players (more than a million) manage to play? Or do you think the game is programmed against you personally?


More than a million accounts you mean, because the number of people here who boast about having two plus alt accounts is staggering. A good reason why SG does no housekeeping or clean up dead alliances is that they would be revealing the real user base which would be commercially sensitive and would show thay E&P is going south and they are milking an almost dry cow crazy.


Might be one of those “red mark” accounts that are red marked by the devs so they never win no matter how hard they try, because they never get the tiles they need. Did you by any chance upset the devs or offended them in any way, or stopped spending insane amounts of money on the game recently? Or maybe you disclosed some hidden top secret things about the way they rigg the game, here on the forum, recently? Anyway, I only see one way out of this… Abbandon the red marked account, change your player name, alliance and play style and last but not least, get rid of your phone and buy a S21+, so they can’t trace it back to you. Oh, almost forgot, grow a beard, just to be on the safe side. Then invest about 25K $ in the Valhalla and Ninja portals and then and only then you might get to win some war fights. If after all this you still can’t win, it might have something to do with your E&P skills…


Guys, my game froze and i had to uninstall it, i don’t have my progress saved. How do i get my progress back?

Well, let it be accounts. It doesn’t really change a lot. It is more than a million active accounts that participate in the challenge event.

We can assume that there is a number of players that play a challenge event from several accounts simultaneously, but I doubt that there are lots of them.

More than a million opt in to the weekly tournaments too.

Whether they are unique users or not doesn’t matter but as a Tournament is an opt in you can gauge how many people log in to do stuff.

The Mythic Titan gave an idea to actual accounts. Someone on 0 posted they were in 3 millionth place or something. So that’s more an idea of how many total accounts versus Active the game has

I :heart: this forum…it never ceases to surprise me the amount of conspiracy theories that are conjured up. Just when you thought you heard it all.

I’m consistently bad at War that it can’t be me…it must be a deviant plan to destroy my life from the Devs!


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