Continuing worsening boards

The curvature of the earth is literally visible.

Have you seen the code? @Cheds

A tide. Is a pattern. Is not random.

I have seen supposed data of a color split; that literally appears as not random. And data…which does not disprove the tide.

And a growing discrepancy between rainbow and mono reshuffles. Which is beginning to highlight a link between tiles and the amount of color on your squad!

Oh yeah. And I’ve seen people point at the discobot as if he is RnGeesus. (Or some other random code) And that!
From my perspective…
Is much more flat earther than anything I have said


God I hate Cyprian and Boril


Since you quoted me nth posts ago, I feel I should point out that while my post was truthful, it was also my perspective on other player’s positions on good and bad boards (and to be squeaky clean honest, I should prolly offer that I might have been a tad tongue-in-cheek) :wink:


Of course!

Only pointing out that the… definition is still a matter of contention :wink:

There’s no victorious angle here

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It’s rigged, it’s all about money, they want to sell flasks, but In doing so they are making people get frustrated with the game.

For those who say it’s random, i think they are naive.
I’m sure everyone has had a Titan where it didn’t give strong colors to anyone in the entire alliance!! Repeatedly!! And people still think it’s random?.. hilarious…

Next time on POV when it says win 3 consecutive raids, look at the boards change, and tell me they are not trying to sell flasks.
When its tournament and you have a colour missing… See how much they give you of that colour in order to make people lose more… Omg… It’s so they can rake in 75 gems for continues!

The game is rigged, is so obvious i don’t know how some people cannot see it .

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So obviously false, and I can definitely see it

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Some of them have recorded the boards several hundred times to discover that the game was in fact as advertised (beware, some odds are very low, but still honestly advertised).

If you haven’t yet, please read the #gacha thread for a more complete idea on how these games as a whole work, and you might be less frustrated.

It’s hopeless. The SG-Anon people will never be convinced. they are immune to facts, logic and data.

Well I disagree with characterizing people by name calling. Let’s refer folks to facts and logic please. (Again, as necessary.) :wink:

So again people were selective when quoting me… I says it’s rigged at certain times… I.e when they are trying to sell raid flasks or continues on tournaments.
I did my own experiments, today 70% out of 100 boards were worse than terrible.
Why? Today tournament started, they want to sell continues for 75 gems, linked to POV that says you have to do 30 attacks in tournament.
I do raids for practice and testing new heroes more than anyone i know …i see the patterns and they are always linked to SG trying to sell something.
It’s a wu kong algorithm… doesn’t mean you won’t get colours, but there is a 34% increased chance you won’t get your colour… just because wu kong has a chance of missing doesn’t mean he can’t miss every time , and it doesn’t mean he can’t hit everytime.
They know every player in your roster, they have algorithms that works out difficulty based on what hero’s you put together, you don’t think that same program decides the boards?.. SG are out to make money, start to understand their business model.

SG something needs to change with the game and matching!
Just had a player quit from my alliance as they can’t take the stupidness the game has become. 6 raids, not one match below lvl 65 against a lvl 32 player even with skips! That’s totally unacceptable.
They didn’t even do ninja tower for what 2 emblems…seriously not happy!
Also a lvl 51 4300TP player should not be beaten by a team 1700TP lower in war because the boards were non existent!
It’s got to the point where it is stupid!
Seriously not happy with where the game is going. It seems commercialism got the better of good updates!

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I’m sitting on 5/5 in the tourney. Great boards. 12 normal raid victories in a row, 23/3 overall in tower

I believe I hate you now. j/k

That’s ok, I am used to being hated on this forum (oddly enough, it is because I tend to defend Noor - people have an unreasoning hatred of her!).

I am not bragging in any way, the regular raid % is about normal for me because I have a good anti GTV team set up, and good monos against most other tanks. The point I am highlighting is that there are clearly enough tiles coming through to get the win, regardless of whether its a raid tourney on or whatever other reason.

Raid tournies are more of a mixed bag for me. I usually get 1% or 5% but buy back in most times, as I find the 75 gems a worthwhile investment. 5* Rush tournies I don’t usually do as well in as I don’t have a very fast roster that can counter a VF Alfrike for example. Or even a GM tank when there are no blues. In those scenarios it is actually much less a matter of having bad boards as even an average board may not be good enough given a particular roster

LOL! I hope you do realize it was a joke.

And if it is any condolence, it was your videos which helped me decide that I should ascend Noor. But that is a topic for another thread.


The j/k at the end did tip me off :slight_smile:

I am curious have you gotten value out of Noor after ascending her?

I largely gave up on raid tournaments, and gave up on raids entirely nearly a year ago. I have about 60 raid tokens, unused.

I occasionally go back and do a revenge hit, but have to ensure the opponent has launched a weaker team than when they first attacked. If my team isn’t at least 700-1000 points higher, I know I have no chance of winning… just because the tile algorithm is so skewed. That should NOT be required.

If an opposing team that is 500 points weaker than me can wipe out my entire team with 10-15 special attacks before I can even launch ONE special, the code is bad. That’s bad coding. Period.

They need you to lose, so you will buy more gems to pay for more powerups and leveling. Most games at least hide this to some degree. SG is just smug about it.

None of what you described has ever been seen by me. If I raid someone 100 TP higher I consider it as unfair for the opposing team and it is generally a crushing victory.

Do you have vids showing this? I have plenty of vids of me taking on much stronger opponents and having average to great boards (a few bad boards as well, but I guess you don’t need me to show you evidence of those). I average over an 80% win rate with a decent but not amazing roster.

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