Continuing worsening boards

there must be an anti-conspiracy conspiracy! I just went 6/6 in the last war running only mono teams, against all 4400+ teams. Impossible, you say?

I believe the programmers have read the incredibly well-thought out and proven arguments for planned board manipulation in this thread, and, because I bought one of the challenge offers (thus cementing my status as a “big spender”) have programmed all of my boards (yes, me personally) to be bountiful and overflowing with my desired color.


Stop with the lies. It’s not random. It’s rigged. 2 purple combos the entire fight. Typical in war. 1 flag is gonna ■■■ you and another flag is definitely gonna ■■■ you. Sick of the BS!

Maybe the algorithm adjusts boards based on personality.

I have won 29 of 31 of my last raids. Boards have been decent, as always.

Honest people get shafted

What does that mean, exactly?

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You brought up personality and algorithms.
I finished the thought for you.

I think this debate,
And every debate on the planet for that matter.
Is increasingly being argued over two separate talking points.

  1. Look at this tree, it’s on fire!
  2. Look at this tree, it’s fine…

Meanwhile there is more happening. There are other trees. There is wind. There is rain. But each participant in the argument leaves out bits of information and exaggerates about their 1 tree, in the big forest.

And when more folks join in. A bullying theme develops.



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So I’m lying? I can assure you, I’m not. Unless I’m in on it. The conspiracy. The insidious plot that E&P has created to ensure that Notorious Dad and specific others never get a good board, and has programmed the game accordingly. Which causes him to accuse other players who have not been targeted of lying.

Show us the code then.

Or give up trying to convince people that they are not experiencing something. By telling them about a code that you have NOT seen.

He insinuated that I was lying about going 6/6 in the last war with strictly mono teams. I was not, and I have done it relatively often, as well as winning over 80% of my raids, playing strictly mono.

I have not seen the code, but there have been enough data-driven experiments conducted to reasonably show that tile distribution is random. The only “evidence” presented to contraindicate randomness is anecdotal and driven by confirmation bias.

If you had spent the money @NotoriousDAD had, and gotten the amazing heroes he has, and still couldn’t string together some victories, and were getting outplayed by every random guy and his Noor, you would probably be crying like a little baby and blaming everyone other than yourself too. Let’s give the poor guy a break

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Our small alliance of 3 has been getting bad boards for the last few wars this past month (2 wins per person on avg) but we still thought ‘hey it happens! Rng’

Then after waited for so long and finally got to open the war chest, only 1 person got 1 4* mat, while the others got farmable mats. So much for being patient roll eyes

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I didn’t say you were lying. I’ve gone 6 for 6 running mono plenty of times myself. But for you to claim it’s a conspiracy theory is just ignorant and blind. There are 2 boards that are gonna ■■■ you. Plain and simple. There’s a reason you only go 6 for 6 a few times in this game. If they didn’t screw you over with the boards a good number of us would go 6 for 6 every war. It’s when the board purposely doesnt generate ■■■■ in your mono color that they are spitting in your face knowing you’ll continue to call it random. It’s not.

Ps- you stand no chance of going 6 for 6 if you use Noor the absolute Worst hotm ever made.

Before you raid, get on your knees and say “I am a bad man” Guarantees a good board seemingly??? :thinking:

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The boards are rigged!

But I won…


Sg figured out the exact number of replacement tiles you would need to barely scratch out a win, making you think that your previous purchases are justified but that just one more new hero would make your wins a bit more safe

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Exactly. They programmed this win specifically for me.

On a side note you are a fan of Steve erikson?

Well don’t just tell people! Imagine the repercussions… :rofl:

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