Continuing worsening boards

There is no change in game itself, only in your gameplay. Before weren’t emblems, neither so powerful heroes. Any board felt easier back then against much weaker opponents. Your theory is absolutely ridiculous. Jesus… I can’t believe what I read on this forum :man_facepalming:


Come on, don’t play dum, you most certain are not, you’re being sarcastic, but that’s not the case… and you know exactly what’s in it for them… the more you loose the more you feel compelled to strengthen your team and we all know exactly what that implies…

You might be right… and then you might not be… guess we’ll never know for sure. We’re not dealing here with natural randomness, we’re dealing with strings of 1 and 0 that can be manipulated in the wanted direction with ease by the right people.

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I know I’m right because I’m playing this game. Not candy crush. And if there aren’t these changes for me, it’s obvious the game itself didn’t change regarding the puzzle. Because the game doesn’t make exceptions for me. Sweet mother of mercy, why do I even bother to discuss these stupid theories? :joy: I guess, I won’t anymore…


Ok, if you “know”… just remembr there were much bigger companies that sold nice badtime stories to the costumers and got away with it. And some that didn’t. Like WV a few years back. And that’s a real giant, not a small one…

oh noes, the words of reason, how?
the losers are gonna pounce on you, because you implied that the ability to get the most out of a board doesnt exist. they believe it is all about luck, they post a starting board as proof, as if dozens of boards dont follow it, boards that can turn around any moment.

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As I’ve said though. Been playing for over a year and I do remember good boards vs poor ones. It’s in particular that I’ve seen the change in tile/gem matches less and less frequently to more mono as well as even 3/2 teams which I’ve ran as well. Most are right when saying who’s to tell as we cant check code and internal programming. I could easily record a day’s worth of Raids as when I spend too much time attemtping #1 spot globally/US and definitely show where it’s unbelievably biased toward more mono colored offenses. We all know your general best bet is taking out the tank first which is why we as players go 3/2-4/1 or all mono. Is also why in the past recent months we’ve all jumped up emblems across the board and focused more on higher troop levels just as I have. When emblems jumped and tougher defensive teams/tanks came about is when I particularly noticed the dramatic change in frequency of needed gems vs. more mono colored offenses. We can blame luck, being on a high horse or whatever but if you pay attention to the game as I have and many others you easily notice these things. Do I expect to make diamonds on every starting board…of course not but when you have a run of 5-6-7 turns of next to no needed matching gems over and over again in Raids that you do need to get to the top spot as those who try or have been know you notice these things even more. Now even if I recorded days of videos of battles and showed the bias or lack of decent or worsened matches would EP do anything…nope. they’d say it was a glitch to that day or put out an update or something to deny of course because naturally they’re making money because we continue to purchase more raid flags etc to keep going for top spots. Definitely going to keep monitoring this over the next month or two.

Teammate beat ya to it, i was just goin to watch quietly as people rambled on about it. But the numbers have been ran, the data has been collected, and people put more time into writing conspiracy theories than they do proving/disproving them, 1 of the most annoying things about this forum but oh well the forum has to have some entertainment value outside of community content section

And yes these “color stacking nerf” theories pop up after just about every update, about as common as wu kong miss rate increasing, and loot nerf theories. Data has disproved wu miss rate increase, data has disproved tile distribution nerfs, and i believe i could probably find data disproving the loot nerfs as well since most that argue in favor of it mention somewhere in their theory “i recall when chests and other loot used to be better”. Well recall doesnt tell us jack crap. Memory is typically pretty biased, takes data.

With that being said, the complaints such as yours have existed for 2+ yrs. Why would they have any reason to actually nerf the tile distribution now when people were already complaining how much they already did? Doesnt make any sense. There’s no gain in it.


I second that.
There’s a common thing, that burden of proof lies on the accuser. Or, more common to our case, null hypothesis (no correlation in events) is considered true until sufficient evidence is presented.
I’ve seen numerous such rants, on foreign resources also. They all same - “I think that something was nerfed”. None was like “Here is the data I’ve collected, it shows that there is a clear difference”.


I do think the word random gets used incorrectly at times -

If there are x number of boards possible - a chunk of those are not going to be available on startup… as they’d fire matches, cascades, etc without touching them.

What’s left is randomly assigned.

I don’t know how many configurations are in that pool or if mono disqualifies more starting boards based on selection criteria — but the board pulled from the pile is random

Nope nope nope nope. Boards are just boards. RNG is 50% of the game, heroes are 35%, skill is 15%

Stupid whiskey typos.

Bad peachy. No sleep.


Not really words of wisdom. The fact of the matter is the randomness of the board and subsequent tiles will determine whether you win or lose. Say you take a mono red team and your board starts green heavy with replacing tiles of blue. You aren’t going to win no matter how good you think you are. I find that the boards are heavy onto one color rather than having equal chance of all colors. It works great if it lines up with what you have. It works bad if you don’t. Basically, there is less than 20% chance that you’ll get a great board that matches. The other times, you’ll wish you picked another color. I usually run 2-2-1 and it normally is ok. But I have noticed boards where I am near end game and some of the heroes never got any mana, or maybe I was able to get 3 tiles to match. It happens.

Just made two mono tournament raids some minutes ago…one lost and one easy win. No change here…

Mono for 16 months - I’ve not noticed this effect at all.


Mono = bringing an extra special against your opponent because your heroes have their specials and your tile damage exceeds the best specials in the game.

No purple hero can one shot Guin, but a single 3 tile match deletes her when my mono team fights her.

Mono is the best way to give yourself an unfair advantage - which is the goal in war according to Tsu and Mahan et al.

And there has been zero change in boards over the 2 years I’ve been playing - 16 months or so running exclusively mono.


I’ve been using mono teams in wars for the last 5 months and haven’t noticed any change. I have 1 team for each color and a 6th team that I usually do 3-2 for cleanup jobs. My teams have gotten stronger but so have the teams I take on. Generally I get about 1 really good starting board, 1 bad one and 2 a average boards for every 4 attacks. I’ve actually have had my 2 highest war scores the last 2 wars.

I’ve just started to notice a (possible??) degree of strangeness in the boards on Raids and against Titans. My scores are getting progressively lower on the exact same Titans, 3,2 doesn’t seem to work, 2,2,1 is marginally better and 2,1,1,1 about the same and a rainbow is inferior. I’m getting loads of tiles in the Titans colour and had a dreadful run raiding yesterday (trouble charging my heroes mana before the opposition murdered me). I’m baffled.

I haven’t noticed any change against titans, and I typically run 4-1 or 5-0

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Yes! Why is this happening?

So frustrating to build up hero’s only to invalidate them by a very bad board.

Bad business for this company. We play this game for rewards because it’s fun. One of the things that can totally ruin that is a bad board.

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