Continuing worsening boards

Perhaps… means… perhaps yes or perhaps not. Anyway… I have explained here what was happening to me… I noticed 2 weeks in a row of extremely bad boards, so I entered the forum to see if there was any discussion about this, and I find it because… it was there. So perhaps… could be anything in this world… I don’t care what you think, I did not came here to ask for your opinion by coping pastin wikipedia… I just came to write my last 2 weeks experience… if you think it is a fallacy, it’s ok for me… if you don’t it’s ok for me too…

Just deleted it last night for this reason primarily.
Other reasons to be done with this game:
-20 different S1 hero portals

  • new building are worthless. Hero Academy. Alchemy lab. Hunters lodge. Piles of trash
  • Titan boards lack any colors that are strong against it
  • game chat is ancient and was promised to be updated
  • Nerfing of heroes months after their release and pathetic attempt at compensation for the nerfing.
  • Loot drops have been nerfed
  • rigged wars
  • fire class is a complete joke
  • hotm are now being created to be practically worthless
  • an absolute lack of any connection to the community anymore. Good ideas are ignored. Bad ideas are implemented immediately.

This post will probably get flagged because truth is not allowed in the forum. But again, I don’t care. I’m another long time player (like numerous others) that has walked away from this game. It used to be great. Now it’s a scam.


Sheesh NDAD… seems hefty to me.

Threads about skimpy rewards, pulls, mats:
All stretch back to the beginning.
And replies showing the location of low % are nearly equal in abundance.
Right along with ridiculous bragging!

I truly don’t feel or notice anything different, other than overwhelming dominance of the new meta. That is an evident change. But your other complaints have the same contradictory posts from those with luck,
Which also extend back to the beginning
Or… proper use of Anchor’s pulling method :wink:

Right along with hero balancing… another issue that

So then… even if it isn’t random. Which is pretty much impossible to prove…
But even if…
The supposed weighted values still swing both ways
As you can see by recorded tracking. So why be frustrated and angry?

Mono delivers more pain from bad boards.
Plain and simple.
If you refuse to try other methods
which help dull that pain
Deleting is probably your best option.

Agreed. I already found new game. I keep this only because I play it for 3 years. But no spending money. This game is not my priority anymore.

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Name one thing that’s been released this year that has been done right. I’ll even give you the last 12 months. Tell me something that was released that wasn’t screwed up at release or wasn’t completely worthless upon release. I’ll wait.

Rigged Boards are just the tip of the iceberg.


I like the buffs to Margaret and QoH. 2 heroes in my roster that were unique at release, exciting to receive!.. but underwhelming on the field.
I’m enjoying using them, now

You haven’t been reading our alliance chats but, there’s definitely been some released content that’s been worth sticking around for :laughing:

I know it pre-dates this year but I enjoy the tournaments. Smashing all the 100 blemmed 3 and 4* teams with 0 blems (save for my 5’s) makes me all warm and giddy inside!

Clarissa may not be original but… that hasn’t prevented her from being enjoyable to others from what I read. Not me, as I don’t have. But Freya on the other hand… I do have, along with big plans for the next big thing! She’s good stuff.

Ultimately dude… if your a long term player:

[April HoTM Aeron]

[Anzogh – New April 2019 HOTM (Hero of the Month): First Thoughts & Discussion]

[Vela – 5* Ice/ Blue - January 2020 HOTM (Hero of the Month)]

[Grazul – New September 2019 HOTM (Hero of the Month): First Thoughts & Discussion]

[Guinevere 3-70 or Max 4* Tank?]

[August HOTM]

[HoTM for March- Delilah ( heal all, summon minions for all )]

[Nerfing Guinevere or make a counter hero]

[Ok I want some serious explanations]

Then you know there’s nothing new happening.

with the exception of tank variety being swallowed up

It all
Has always been
Will always be

A solution is to examine the source of frustration.
I find it difficult to believe that so many long term players have been enduring torture for years. But you never know… some people like that too!

And more likely that frustration stems from a game style, up too and including spending.
Which can be mitigated!
Especially the pain of bad boards…

Or deleted… whichever. But I feel like perception is narrow if the latter choice is selected

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Trash upon release. Fixed in an effort to cover up the Telluria/Vela screw up. How long had Margret been out at that point? How long had people said she was the absolute worst hotm created? Then they made Noor???

I didn’t say they’ve been enduring it for years. I’m talking about the last year. Since Zynga purchased the game basically. Alchemy lab was supposed to help with ascension items(loot nerf) but it was a joke. Hero Academy was to help with dupes. The only people getting duped is the ones building that heap of garbage.

Again, there hasn’t been one thing produced in the last 12 months by this game that is geared towards what’s best for the community and its growth. It’s instead been geared to squeeze every penny it can out of players. I own a company, I understand the need to make a profit. But I DELIVER the goods to my customers. All that this community has seen over the last year are empty promises, cash grabs left and right, and updates that are screwing with the RNG to the point you can’t get a very fast heroes special charged. (In a raid, war, or rush tournament). So when people notice the dumpster fire this game has become they can either speak out on it or leave it. Those that speak out are told they are idiots and are not free to express their frustration here. It’s obvious no one in charge of decisions for this game are listening at all to the community of players (again Noor…really??? That’s what they came up with after the Telli/Vela debacle???) so they are walking. Game chat shows it. Recruiting shows it. This forum shows it. In the end it doesn’t matter. I and others are walking away.


Noor amd other example zocc. They screw up with teluria so now making useless HOTMs.but that’s not our problem they f… Up with telluria.

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Zocc and Noor are both very useful heroes

Ummm no. They are not. Zocc far more useful than Noor. But Zocc has huge issues if your not educated on the additional factors of heroes you attack.

Noor is by far the worst hotm ever put out. Hands down.

Umm, no. She surely isn’t

Anyone that tells you Noor is not the worst hotm created is lying to you. Complete and utter trash.

Name me a worse hotm than Noor.



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I have a maxed and emblemed Noor. And I have a number of other HOTMs and have faced every HOTM known. Nobody is telling me this, I know it through experience.

Worse than Noor:

  • Perseus
  • Thoth-Amun
  • Aeron
  • Natalya
  • Aegir (situationally)
  • Khiona

A bunch of others are on par with her.

Have you maxed and used Noor? If so, I will listen to your informed opinion. Otherwise, I am not interested in listening to hot hair.

There are some who have maxed and used her and don’t like her but the majority like her and get value out of her. I personally find her very beneficial in my primary anti GTV team (taking the 5th spot over a number of other viable candidates) and even better in any format of PVE

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I like Grimble in my purple stack

Natalya is very good. She’s is fast and cannot be dispelled. I wish I have her.

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Can’t be dispelled, but can easily be healed over. She poses a very low, slow threat. On the flip side she definitely one of the more attractive heroines.

The new version of the alchemy lab is nice, and is extensiely used in high level alliances.

Not for the higher levels, but to create useful mid level items (e.g. minor and medium mana pots) and then cashing in the alkashards for emblems and 4* mats.

At level 5, its basically the equivalent of SG offering you 84 minor manas, 17 medium manas (which is one way that I use it), and 10 emblems or a 4* each week, for a bit of extra work, some food, and some unwanted items. That sounds pretty damn useful to me.

The hero academy is also very useful at level 3 for fast levelling heroes (although expensive in terms of recruits and food)

These heroes dominate Noor. This list can’t even be taken seriously.
I’ll definitely take Grimble over Noor. I have most hotm. Noor won’t see a single feed in her current state.

Perseus is a very poor damage dealer.
Thoth-Amun even weaker, with a weak minon. I’d say he is the worst HOTM
Aeron is a very weak healer with a debuff protect that only applies to 3. C Rigard outshines him
Nataya does high damage to one hero but over a number of turns, which can easily be healed over. She rarely kills anyone. She is a very minimal threat when compared to both snipers and AOE
Aegir is a great tile dump who does very little while you charge up. The only danger he poses is if you are not able to dispose or overwrite his buff when you need to go for your kill shots
Khiona does underwhelming damange with a buff that may or may not end up helping her and her allies

Noor proides a self heal equivalent of 300-400hp every time a minion special goes off. She proides 300-400 equivalent heal every time she does her special (but which stacks with healers and which goes over 100% health, which is huge). Her minions auto kill all minions other than Vela and Tell, which is a big benefit against many opponents but particularly Seshats lurking in corners. In PVE events you can stack up 3 minions on everyone going into the final round which gives you a huge advantage. In events her minions kill off corner minions while you build up specials and tiles to go into the subsequent stages.

She is slow, but in an average match with her she casts 2 or 3 times so the special is always felt and always useful.

So - this is the logic of why this list can be taken seriously.
But feel free to throw some more hot air based on nothing apart from your negative feelings.

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