Continuing worsening boards

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Good thing for screen shots

I think you replied to yourself on that last long message…

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Okay, then continue believing in your seen patterns without proving anything. I prefer to raid and win. Mono. Without observing strange things - the only thing is: in general 80% of the boards are bad for mono (because I only use 1 color out of 5), but I can work around.

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Lol don’t be naive

U know it’s all skill in this game man. How dare you mention the word luck about this game…


Luck will always be luck.

Skill = able to grab the opportunity that arises with luck

No skill = no skill = good board and still suc*


Because it was a very different game 2.5 years ago when I first started. Anything with puzzles in the same should be more skill that luck eh?
I’m still waiting to figure out why the plural of puzzles…there is only the match three…unless it puzzles us why people spend money on this.

As I said in another thread…I consider it a lesson learned…don’t spend time on a game until it has matured into its final form.

I disagree with that…but it is clearly trying to trend that way.

Define maintain…I watched one player keep it for over 12 hours. My guess is they went to bed and then the lost the #1. But nobody should be able to keep it forever…even if it was entirely skill based nobody could.

Ive won approximately 38 of my last 40 raids with a mono team. I too have noticed i NEVER get colors of my team. Slowly grinding your opponent down one point at a time until they finally die is hard work i tell you

Also people need to understand that the distribution of the quality of starting boards over X number of hits is on a bell curve. RNG will give you a wide range of really bad to amazing boards. In the beginning when you have a small number of hits, you’re bell curve will be wide and skewed towards good or bad. Statistically over thousands of hits by thousands of players, everyone in general should have a pretty standard bell curve distribution for great, good, average, mediocre and bad boards with most starting boards in the average range. If you want to convince people there is sometime more than RNG going on, you need to run the same mono color team hundreds if not thousands of times consecutively and show the data


At level 54 with 1 year of playing. If all else fails just go purple and yellow 3-2.

I monostack when i dont feel like having a long game. When u rainbow the matches may last 10+ minutes

match 3 game is pure RNG , if you say its not RNG then i already how your brain works , no more dicussion.

It’s pure RNG, how YOU move the tiles? Interesting.

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not how you move tile , but how you get Tile , sometime you also can win without move Tile , its just explode with super combo , thats why it called RNG

if you want to know what Game based on how you move , its game called Chess. Match 3 game far from that.

Match-3-Game got 2 factor determined how you win , those are

  • Good Board / Location of Tile (RNG)
  • how you move (Skill)

but in E&P you need to add 3 more factor

  • Good Tile / Match with your hero color (RNG)
  • How your opponent AI hit you (RNG)
  • How you use your hero (skill)

too much RNG involved , so just accept it. it because you cannot control how random Tile appear in your board. if you want to know Game with Random Tile but you can take control how to put it , it game called Tetris and yes its 90% skill with 10% rng


Hero availability (rng)
Opponent selection (skill)
Hero selection (skill)
Hero placement (skill)
Tiile placement (rng)
Tile move (skill)
Skill trigger timing and target selection (skill)
Resource management to optimise team (skill)

Good skill across the above will overcome most poor rng situations, within reason


That’s true.

On the other hand: when I autoplay much, my skill to see combos etc. weakens and I recognize that in poorer titan hits and less wins in raids. When I train my skills in challenge events, everything works out much better. I think everyone makes that experience from time to time.
So I think skill shouldn’t be underrated in this game. Of course, no skill in the world can make a board of hell better…

Regarding the problem that in the mid game the gems are in the “wrong color” (someone else stated that, I think it was the OP): when you start playing, most of the time you make the combos you need to charge your heroes. It’s obvious that in a later state of the game the matching gems are “used up” and were not replaced by 100% of your color (that would not be RNG). Normal for me. I try to avoid this with cleaning out the board from tiles I don’t need. But that has nothing to do with “worsening boards”, too.

dont try to solve it , RNG is RNG , no matter how hard you try to solve RNG , you wont get answer , no need discuss about Battle which got so many factor to calculate, just simple example , how you can explain person who pull 1x could get *5 + HOTM in pack while other do 200x pull without *5 ?

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The answer is the same to: how can it be that some people seem to have only 6’s on their dice in ludo - even when you change the dice? :smiley: but I’m sure there’s no conspiracy theory behind.

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