Continuing worsening boards

I’m over this game. After war I’m done. Good luck to you all. I’m tired of crap boards EVERY day.


Honestly, I went rainbow on purpose. Based on board I only got Clarissa skill filled and she is fast. As you can see, no other heros remotely filled except one oyher and the game targeted that and killed it swiftly. Red are scarce everytime i take noor in.

This one lacks blue. Once again for tile test. This one i lost too.

This one i annihilated the tank within 2 moves and its also a rainbow. yellow skill filled really quick and had combo attacks

I never went in thinking I was going to win. I just want a fair chance regardless of heros. Next 3 flags ile stack vs tank and see what happens.

Stop worrying about new heroes and new events fix the issue with uneven tiles and over powered heroes damage not counting all the time I’m close to posting another video of someone feeding all their 5* to 1* this game just continues to decline I know a lot who have given up and more in the process it has just gotten stupid way to ■■■■ up a good game

Bumping this thread since the tiles are worsening by day. If until now it was present in pvp mostly, now is everywhere. What I noticed:

  1. If you go for example 3 green 2 red and the enemy has a Blue tank the board will be filled starting with the color the enemy tank is strong agains it. If you have that color it will go with the other color which in this case is red. but you arleady have red so the board will be with yellow and purple then some red, green and blues.
    2 . If you go 2green 2 blue and 1 purple, the board will be filled with yellow and red then some purple ,blue and green, but these will always be spread around and the most closer to the middle will be the one you don’t have any hero.

So in tournaments where you will not have a color option ,most of the time the color not allowed will be the most present on the board.
Also I noticed that when raiding someone ,first 2 tries will be absolutely miserable then the 3rd one will be the most decent one where you can actually win if you play right.

Now tell me this is RNG and I will tell you that some things are just wayy too obvious that a change was made with or without intention.

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You should believe in the big blue cockatoo and the boards won’t ever be rigged again. :parrot:

I respectfully disagree because of this thread.


This is RNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGggggggggggggggggg

So here is a question for you. The people who win the tournaments each week will usually win 22+ out of 25. I’ve finished in the top 100 a few time’s with 20 wins out of 25.

If the boards are ALWAYS stacking against me how is it possible?

If the boards are always stacking against the attacker how isn’t everyone A rated on defence every week?

Could it be a combination of RNG, team synergy and player skill involved perhaps?

If you are losing all the time I’d suggest you record the hit and watch it back. Was there moves you could have done differently? Was the team you selected well synergised?

I’ve won wars with my blue mono team against a Green tank with rubbish starts before. I have one I filmed saved as it reminds me it’s possible to play out of a hard start.

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You’re telling me that choosing another hero of same color will influence the tile color on the board? I find it hard to believe that. I will just attach a picture. I have a few only, but when I started playing the game, things WERE different.

The boards haven’t got worse.
Raidndefenses are less forgiving.
I routinely score above 200k on 14* titans so those boards are no problem, anecdotally at least. There’s a reason why it’s usually the same top 15 players on titan hits in an alliance, and it’s not bc the boards always favor certain ppl lol


You provided a single picture where you have 2 reds and no yellow. Yes you have a lot yellow but you have a purple move top left that sets up a 4 green and that’s starting to clear the board. Anecdotally your team has only 2 offensive heroes. 2 healers, one of which has a defence up which will be overwritten by Wilbur who in turn will override or be overridden by Tiburtus. Your 1 red offence hero is Sumitumo, not a terrible hero but he alone won’t kill a hero a 1 hit and Wilbur will in fact spread that damage across all 5 and allowing them time to fire off there specials if they haven’t already.

You have no cleanse so if Hao Tao fires with his blind your 2 offensive hero’s are likely to miss which only compounds your situation.

Only taking 2 reds against the best tank in 4* against red was likely to end badly unless you are able to take him out but given you are heavily stacked in support hero’s you are going to fail more than succeed the majority of the time irrespective of boards.

Now to “it used to be a lot different” comment. One assumes you were a lower level back then and not high up the raid ladder so to speak. This enabled you to play the way you are and get away with a little bit. Just killing them with tile damage as a slow squeeze as you keep healing and debuffing them. But the higher you go the more tricks defences have. You can’t just rely on giving teams a slow death. Unfortunately you have to go for the throat a little more. Still take a healer and a def down but take 3 hard hitters in the same colour and try 3-1-1 to maximise your hitting power.

Now given I’m sure you already fully believe it is only the boards fault this advice will be ignored but all I’d ask is you try it and see.

We have an advice room in line in our Alliance and people can post videos and ask for critical analysis. It helps them to improve but you have to want that and blaming the boards is a poor excuse for bad play usually.


I see you make sense, but at the same time, is not my fault that these are the only heroes that I can use. Also my rank hasn’t changed since I started playing (from bronze to gold lol) so the difference is not much. I used to beat even defense with telluria, and the tiles were ok but now, I can barely complete the chest . I will take your advice and try and level other heroes ,when/if i will get them.
Thank you for your time! :smile:

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We all have to play with what we have. I’m at 2600 cups and I hit really daft defences now. I know certain heroes would help me a lot, if only I had them.

Since I don’t I have to work with what I have.

Healing and debuffing is critical to success but that won’t win on its own. Initially I was very strong against purple (for Wu Kong and Guardian Jackal very early which was very lucky) so I’d search out purple tanks. Spending food to reroll is worth it to fill a chest in my opinion and you’ll get them often enough. I wasn’t great against Blue tanks then so I’d skip them like the plague.

Ironically I’m now strongest against blue so I’ll take on any team I come across with a blue tank.

We’ve all been there but you definitely need to try a different style of play now and see how you do.

I play strictly mono in raids and wars (and tournaments). I win ca. 80% of my raids, am usually 5/6 or 6/6 in wars, and am either in the top 1 or 5% in tournaments. Since I am mono, that should not be possible, given the conspiracy theories of many of the posters in this thread.


I’m still not seeing it… People (including myself at times) have asserted this and I just don’t believe it anymore. At the rate boards have been worsening for the last 18 months, I’m amazed there are any tiles left to play.


yup. boards are definitely rigged. starts with bad board and even the cascading like 30-50 tiles wont spawn even 2 of the required colors. if the probability of having a specific color tile replaced is 20% it falls way below that on bad boards that happen way way too often in certain perimeters. don’t tell me it’s random cause it’s ■■■■■■■■.

Why then over 125 tracked raids did I get an average of around 6.5 starting in my color? And a win rate of 91%, indicating that I had a steady enough flow of gems in that color to get the win?


Nothing new here since the last time I looked at this thread in February. The boards are still worsening - how? :stuck_out_tongue:


My latest raids, all mono against 45-4700 TP in high diamond.

According to the conspiracy mongers, this should not be possible.

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Everyone goes through phases of being immortal then being as good as a wet tissue


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