Continuing worsening boards

Anyone else notice over the past couple months since everyone has started embleming up their heros more and if you go in more mono, which most times you nearly have to anymore that the boards are nearly non existent for the mono color you’re running. Don’t give me the normal, you just have a run of bad boards and all that jazz as I’ve been playing over a year,. 4450 defense team and in a top 100 alliance. I understand we get bad boards but the frequency, i.e. 4/5/6 Raids in a row non existent boards then a win then 4/5/6 more non existent boards again. Sorry, not just bad boards and I’m not the only player noticing this lately. Definitely happening more often. No way does it seem “random” anymore. Rant over. However I’m starting to record every battle with time stamp etc to start showing this continuing trend


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Yea they nerf the boards and wu kong every update

It’s really pissin me off

When will this madness end???


I’m in a similar position as you. Alliance is in an out of top 100, been playing a little over a year, and I mostly run mono. I havent noticed this bad board trend at all. Yeah these 4400 teams, like yours, are very unforgiving so it doesnt give you much time to recover from a slow board but that’s all I’ve noticed.


No dark sarcasm pls :grimacing:

Don’t forget the nerfed loot :rofl:


I’ve run my first mono at the current war. I won easily, though my few tiles were spread across the board. It is not only about board, it’s more important to know how to manipulate it. If you feel are unlucky and you cannot deal with mono, then play 3-2 like I do and many other players.


@ Poster:

I know a Zombie that is addicted to war & stats. Your issue is 1-2 reasons…

In Mono…

  1. Struggling to get your Atk over enemy defense

*You are not going wide with Emblems/Troops as enemy defense tower up. You are losing your advantage of Attack over enemy Def.

Fix: Go wide with Emblems and amplify them with Troops.

How to tell: In War if you are doing less then 10 Damage on a target more then 10% of fresh launch’s. Your are not getting your Atk over enemy Def on Average. (Fix is above, or stop being a hero in war and adjust to slightly easier Targets)

  1. Toggling Tiles

Mono Max’s out at 85% probability off color and on ish (At a nose bleed difficulty level). (Hero Combos, Troops, Mono build, ability to Toggle tiles)

Hint: Can have 20 or 50 Maxed 5’s. If you match your color in mono your max probability to win is 60-65%. So do something else…


I’ve been exclusively mono for over a year. I’ve noticed no change. 5-6 last war. Previous 3 were 6-0; 6-0; 4-2. Haven’t hit on this war yet.


“Hint: Can have 20 or 50 Maxed 5’s. If you match your color in mono your max probability to win is 60-65%. So do something else…”

I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying. But my win rate in war - even against off colour tanks - is well over 65percent vs the other team’s top teams.


I have streaks. I don’t play mono excepting last flags in wars. But I have days when I get 30 of 40 hero chest with six flags and others I need 13 or 14 to fill the chest.

I don’t know about the famous rng but I wonder if there is an algorithm which bless or doom you with the boards.


Congratz? Confused why your replying to me…

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I don’t think bringing mono effects the starting board. I do think it effects the fill in tiles that come later. Your color will show up at less than 20% of replacement tiles.


Meh, mono works but there are a lot of defenses out there that will punish both a poor board and poor actions. I had this board show up during my third war flag:

I never expected to see this:


Mono = lucky punch in boxing terms

But before that your lineup has to be decent to a certain extent.

Similar to a child will never get a lucky lunch against a pro boxer.

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Can’t say for sure, neither one way nor the other, cause we’re all just presuming, based on our personal experience, ain’t we?! One thing I can say for sure is that many, many times, and I mean A LOT, I’m getting starting boards extremly poor in my stacked color. This happens a lot more often than getting a starting board full on goodies. Hell’uv’a’lot more often!!! Like 10 to 1 or worst even, maybe. Some of them bad boards I can fix along the way, but lots of them are unfixable, cause there’s literally no way of fixing them, due to the total absence of the needed color among the replacing tiles… It’s not at all unusual for me to get boards where I go 5 or 6 or 7 turns without getting any tiles of the needed color at all… and there were times I popped other color diamonds meantime… Whenever I get this kind of boards, there’s also a trend of needed color tiles showing up just as soon as most of my team is down and the enemy’s mana bars are full. Exactly at that point, my board is charged with needed tiles, only now they’re compleatley useless… Just saying… maybe they’re rigged or maybe we’re so insanely unlucky, who knows… personaly, I don’t trust SG to play fair, why should they? Nobody around here can verify their softwares and once a board is played, is good as gone… all we’re left with is this ridiculous presumtion game we play between ourselves…I think that dismissing the idea that the boards might be rigged based on nothing else but blind trust in the devs honesty is not a wise choice… anyway, all this discution is fruitless and pointless and we’re all ranting, sustaining one POV or another, just for the sake of it… It’s not like any side will ever be able to proove they’re right, the software being subject to change by every update…


Short answer, No.

Humans have a natural tendency towards negative confirmation bias…

I.e. they have a tendency to remember the bad far more easily than the good… And when it’s triggered by someone else complaining you immediately go “yeah that’s happened to me too!!” Completely forgetting that battle you just whooped butttttt in without any of your heroes losing any health…

It’s just the nature of being human playing what is essentially a gambling game… Some days you win, other days you lose :slight_smile:

(Edit cause apparently I can’t say the A-doubleS word)


Yes, I have seen it too.

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They definitely changed something. You start normal and center is out and then 0 combinations for many many moves. Plus these crazy combos with opposite colours. More and more I have feeling to delete this game. Heroes are secondary. If boards are bad you can do nothing. I have feeling they want us to attack with rainbow team or to use at least 3 colours.


Who are they?
And why would they want that? Whats in in for them?(whoever they are)


You know exactly what I said. SG wanted to make game harder but result is terrible. Game starts normally then long break when there are not any combinations for 6+ moves and when all your team is almost dead then gems are coming back. But it is to late already. In the past I did not notice such pattern. Board can be bad but not like this. I don’t have to convince you to believe me. I absolutely don’t care what you think. My goal is to show SG that changes are not ok.