"Continue" or "Finish him" button for W3K

In W3K, the pointing system privileges the finishing guy. Because of that, we see a lot “cleaning thieves”. They wait for the result and, if you don’t finish your opponent, they steal your cleaning, almost instantly. You keep 8 points and him 22-25. In order to avoid that, I’d like to propose a “continue” or “finish him” button that keeps the opponent tied to you for, let’s say, 5secs. I already use this as a personal rule. When someone leaves a n easy cleaning, I wait 5-10 seconds before selecting the cleaning.

I heartily second this! I am SOOOOOOOO TIRED of sphicter-boy fecal cabeza jerks taking the majority of points after I’ve done all the work!!!

Blast it all, FIX the system so they can’t do that!


Fantastic idea! Smart!!


Couldn’t agree more with this idea. Every war I’ve been in for W3K had vultures in the alliance that wouldn’t even wait a second for someone to clean their own mess. Not really much of an “alliance” at all. Honestly, it’s more annoying than the 150-200 flags left behind each time.


1000% agree! There are so many complaints about unused war flags, but not nearly enough mentions of the jerks who literally wait and pounce to steal credit for someone else’s hardwork.

Maybe there would be fewer unused flags if the vultures didn’t steal point-scoring opportunities from their teammates who can’t use their flags to finish the team they’re facing.

I find it unfortunate that there are those who proudly do this, defend it, and promote this type of selfishness. It’s a game; makes me wonder what they would do if there were real prizes, or how they would behave in real life.


Yes. In raids you get a rematch button. We need this for W3K.


I’m one who gladly lets others pounce. Why settle for 28 points when you can instead get 30 on a new opponent?

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There was almost a full blown fight in the W3K warband chat. One was saying that you gotta be fast, because there are guys who are faster. Crazy stuff on the chat.

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But that’s not kill/clean-up stealing because you don’t want to hit again.

The suggestion is for those who want to but cannot because a vulture jumped in before the person can attack again.


Personally I think having a finish button or reply will be unfair coz they’re those with small teams that can not manage to take a tank for all their 3 flags so waiting for a damaged team is better. What I will suggest is only to give fair points like each and every hero you take out has its equal points like 5 hero’s gives 30 points so it’s 30 divide by 5 equals 6 so if you take out 2 heros get. 12 points not taking 2 heros and get 5 points that was a rip off. Or maybe a tank must have more points like a tank 8 points flanks 6 points wings 5 points that a totally fair game people will also have courage to start their own team so that they can get more points on a tank


Or, OR, Get this, they increase points for the initial attack. You can’t call them thieves for playing within the rules. Clean up crews are important and shouldn’t have to wait around for you to make a decision.


This would solve the problem. Increase the percentage for taking out the tank.

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In the early part of w3k, when everyone on the message board says “please use all your flags” , i comment “every time someone poaches my clean up, I will use one less flag”


We are only asking for you to wait 10-15 seconds. Much less time than you spend hovering over a battle in progress


Personally not bothered about others going for a clean up in this mode, but for those who are bothered about it this certainly sounds like a good solution. :thumbsup:


People have other things to do, if it’s not a rule, which it’s not, don’t tell others how to play their game, then get upset at them. You’d really drop a flag out of spite? You sound great fun. When people complain to me for taking a clean up, I tell them to shut up.

This is not a new issue. It’s an issue that’s been a problem for the duration of War of the 3 Kingdoms. But I see nothing being done to address it (in fact, people are encouraging it through other threads), so I’m bringing it up.

Players on my team are intentionally waiting for other players to lose an attack, and then jump in to attack the weakened team before the player that just lost has a chance to attack it for a second time. In my alliance, the second attack on a weakened opponent is considered a cleaning attack, to clean up the mess you made by not killing it in a one-shot, one-kill attack. So this would be considered clean-stealing in W3K.

Why is this happening? In W3K, the value for killing a broken opponents team is almost as high as killing the full team. But it’s a lot easier, because they have already been weakened by the first attack. So, maximizing a player’s score (which impacts loot draws) means that clean stealing is a very effective tool for improving a player’s score.

Also, because there is no connection between players in W3K warbands, a certain subset of players choose to ignore the feelings of other players for the sake of maximizing their own scores. Regardless of players still being online, still having war flags left, and still wanting to finish off the attack they just damaged but didn’t kill. This type of behaviour is detrimental to the desire of players to participate in this facet of E&P, and because there is no way to report players who do this, or to prioritize people who just attacked a team from being able to attack it again, it creates a community of unaddressed abuse and victimization. The player who’s clean is stolen gets to fight another full-power team, and the player who stole the clean gets an easy matchup, easy points, and better loot after the event.

Is this what you want for your players, SG? To be selfish, inconsiderate, opportunists who take advantage of their fellow players work? To be rewarded for it?

It’s not like this would be hard to address. Add a replay button to war attacks that you lose against like for raids, that ensures the player that just finished attacking has first priority to attack again. Or set a cooldown timer for other players to attack a team that just defeated it’s attackers, so the player can attack them again before someone jumps the queue to steal the clean.

I know there are other players who want to encourage this behaviour because it gets them better loot. I know that I don’t get to choose who I play with in W3K, because if I did, I wouldn’t play with players who did this. I’d play with players I like a respect, who understand that my feelings are important too. But I am hoping that SG and other players here recognize this is bad for the community, bad for the game, and should be addressed to improve the gameplay experience for players overall.

Thanks for considering my request.

Alternatively, I’d be happy with a way to vote for players who should miss the next W3K for bad behaviour / Not using flags. Not as excited about this option, but it would help too.


This has all been discussed many times in the forum.

There are a few threads now about W3K …

  • Too many war flags
  • 12 flags not being allocated upfront
  • Too long a war period
  • Matchmaking being “pants”
  • Language barrier
  • Points scoring system
  • Rewards being “pants”
    Etc etc etc

Unfortunately we already have a reply from SG / Zynga…. Revamping W3K is not their priority.

So when we all log into play W3K we all accept that it doesn’t work as originally intended and that the developers will not be doing anything soon to improve it …… sad, but it’s what it is…

Hope you win the war


My solution with 100% stress free success is clean 1st half (or third), one shot second half(or two thirds). I have no need to take cleans right away just stuff I see sitting there and make sure it wasn’t just hit in the log… Then the second half I don’t care if people take the clean cause I’m trying for full teams.

You just need to be able to adjust and play contra, most of the clean taking is occurring at the end when people don’t have anything useful left… they are trying to maximize points which if winning loot mattered we would want.


Adding on to what @JGE has replied to you, it was obvious from get go that the event was the excuse for the W3K portal. Not the other way round.

This shift from event quality to portal monetisation became clearer in 2022.

You can opt out of W3K like I did. If you opt in, then you need to accept this event with all its bugbears till Zynga decides to fix the “unintended bugs” in this event.