Continue for 75 gems NO WAY


Not a bug but a serious issue. Your problem is the 75 gem continue button. Not only is this just a ridiculous amount of gems to spend, but it is in a position to accidentally be bumped and used. I am so sick of losing extremely high quantity of gems over this I’ll likely quit. Typically I don’t stick around playing games that have “dick-move” positioning of elements that do nothing but screw the players out of hours of gameplay but I’ve gotten to know a few people in my guild and might stay a bit longer, but one more time and I’m out, please do something about it…

It’s happened to me twice and I’m sure it will happen again, due to lag, maybe not paying attention or whatever, the button to continue for 75 gems gets pushed. It takes a couple of weeks to gain 150 gems and I really want them back. Is it worth losing players over?


I’m sorry for your loss, but I have never–in four months–lost gems from accidentally pushing this button. Perhaps paying attention would help. :wink:

If lag is causing this error, please contact the game directly and ask for assistance: