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I don’t remember if I posted a similar idea, but I think this would be a great idea. Just looking for a little feedback on what other people think. as many of you know fantasy football is incredibly popular and generates a lot of money. I don’t know how many of you’ve ever played the card game magic the gathering, but there are events you can go to and play and actually win money. I kind of think that if magic the gathering and fantasy football could be as big as they are, then you should be able to turn this into some kind of national event. You could look between all the alliances and look at their War stats and points gotten from hitting Titans and create some sort of playoff game. Then at the end of the year those who win could meet up someplace like say Vegas only Las Vegas is done to death, I hope you consider something a little more fun. Maybe like a castle or some kind of Renaissance fair. Since it does feature a lot of castles and kings and warriors and things like that. You could have this like big gladiator set up oh, we’d have whole bunch of poker tables. Instead of cards though you’d have them set up to hold cell phones tablets with plug-in outlets if you like a big screen up above so people could watch the trials and wars take place. It would be like the best convention ever. Imagine people walking around dressed up as their favorite Avatar picture or their favorite hero. Why I bet it could be better than any Star trek convention or even I dare say X-Men convention. What do you guys think?

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E&P Competition Summit :sunglasses:

Nice idea.
Would travel to Suomi to watch it.

Me too. Dude that would be so epic

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