Contest of Elements Terrible for Newer Players

If leveling up a few more 3/4* heroes that could potentially help one get over the hump, even for a couple of pulls, I’d say it’s better than no pulls at all (if one chooses to go at it). Yes, I agree that odds at portals aren’t very appealing at all, but for those who don’t spend isn’t it simply logical to do whatever they can within the game to get those pulls? Some of them will hit the odds at the portal, most won’t, but some is better than none. As for burning battle items…I’d say doubling the capacity is very beneficial because those could be what makes the difference for many, regardless of how many it takes. At least they’re giving that option. They could have simply left it at 5 and make it even more challenging. You’ve gotta use them somewhere anyways.

  1. I see your point and I know some casual although daily players who do the same thing. Which suggests to me that perhaps you fit this group of players by how long you’ve played the game and the number of holy heroes you have leveled. This is something only you can make a decision on and if care to adapt your approach or not. If they considered every single conditional out there, they may as well make every event a recruits type quest.
  2. We’ve all been in this position, at one point or another. Not just newer players but veteran type players as well when it comes to pushing for rank in events, MTs, wars, etc. Something you’ll have to decide for yourself and what is more important for you. Another one of many conditionals that would have to be considered if the devs wanted to make it “fair” for every single player type out there.
  3. It’s really not. I use teams of much lower TP than required in towers, for example, as I want to ensure my best heroes will be available for later/harder stages. Battle items help tremendously. I mean, battle items are meant to be used for this purpose.

I understand how this can come off as unkind and insensitive, but I don’t feel that every new event should be crafted around every single kind of player in mind. Most of us have been in that place with one event or another. There are just way too many types to consider. Many of those who can’t finish it this time around, will know what will be needed to get the next one done. If that conflicts their game play and how they level/build/craft, well, they’ll have to make a decision that’s best for them. IMO, messing with the older events, such as the Masquerade event, is way more troubling than a brand new event that is on par with the growth of the game.


Why bother to play any event?
You will only get summoning tokens for additional Dawas?
And if it is not worth for you, why bother to complain?
I agree with the communication aspect: SG should have informed the players actively to give many players the chance to improve their rosters.

For many players it can be fun to use a wider part of their rosters, reactivate a few benchwarmers, and plan and prepare the teams needed in sdvance.

If you can not complete it now, you have 10 months time to prepare. Hopefully they provide reasonable loot for all players, not only the finishers.
Something new is always interresting….
Dont complain, prepare…

Happy gaming

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I guess I’m confused about the “don’t complain” responses.

Aren’t these forums THE place for players to provide feedback on upcoming and current events?

If players are unhappy with a current or upcoming event, isn’t this exactly where we are supposed to say so?

If unhappy players don’t say anything, won’t current trends (harder, more expensive events, same or lesser rewards) continue?

Do we WANT the game to be harder for same/fewer rewards?

And as I have said, it is one thing to make events not necessarily accessible to, finishable by all players — and quite another to gobsmack a large portion of the playerbase.

Yes, I do not know exactly what proportion, but as I’ve estimated above, this is far from “just excluding noobs” — a lot of arguably fairly veteran players, who have put a pretty fair amount of time, effort, even money into this game, are going to hit a brick wall here.

And, of course, given that only some fraction of the playerbase is ON these forums (and allow me to perhaps guess that some of the more established portions of the playerbase are, if anything, more than proportionally represented on the forums), a lot of folks are going to get blindsided.

At some point this trend doesn’t incentivize “try harder” — it starts to train “newer” players (whether they are actually new, “moderately” new or long-running casual players, or even merely insufficiently-advanced-for-this-purpose players, and too bad) to stop trying new events.

And that’s not great for the playerbase as a whole.

Additionally, the tenor of some comments here sound to me something like “yes, finally something moderately challenging for us bigger players! the rest of you just need to get bigger!” and… I’ve pointed out that there is already a large, and growing, amount of content that is specifically tilted toward the largest players (not the least of which is W3K, which reserves its largest potential prizes for “warband rank,” which is no small part “get the biggest prizes mostly for being already the biggest”!)

I guess a point I’ve been trying to make and gets lost, possibly in my tl;dr arguments, is that it seems like ”newer player” is becoming increasingly radically expanded as a definition.

If level ~75 players are now “newer players” who “just need to grow roster” now, what will the next event redefine it to be? Level 85? Level 100? How much of the game will be confined to a circle of the top 1000 players, at this rate?



Maybe we should just wait and see what the event is actually going to require and the difficulty it ends up being before we start pulling out our conclusion guns. I personally expect a bit of a challenge (and I’m far from having the best roster). If it ends up being friendlier to more diverse players, then I’d be fine with it as well. Nothing to lose sleep over.

At some point it just becomes complaining for the sake of complaining. Can you identify one time that complaining actually helped things along? There have been calls for nerfs and if implemented you get calls from both sides complaining about it. The only time I think complaining worked was after the first PoV and they increased the daily challenges value and later on flipped the AM to the third last level instead of the last level. Even then people complained because they said why is the AM at 48 worth so much more than the chest at 50?

If you want to keep complaining go ahead. Otherwise, I’m letting my alliance know about this and telling them to review their rosters and level some 3* heroes to round out their roster in preparation. I think that’s a little more constructive than just complaining.

I’m far from top 1000 and like I said, probably could have given a good run with my roster from 2 years ago. The whole push for needing to expand rosters started years ago. We had the Tavern of Legends to start. And then we had the Ninja Towers, and other subsequent towers. The game was already going towards the need to get a larger roster, and if it wasn’t even more obvious, we started getting those roster increase offers within the last few months.

Now if you want to argue that someone who is level 75 and never had the opportunity to build their roster to account for the Contest of Elements, I’d say that’s wrong. They had the opportunity, they just chose not to bother with it because they didn’t see the need, which is what I’ve been repeating for the past few posts. People decide to feed away 3 and 4 star heroes and decide to concentrate on the new meta or flavor of the day. They saw no need to keep those abundant S1 heroes around. That’s a decision based on how they play the game. But you can’t say that someone who hit level 75 has the same opportunities to build their roster as someone who just started a few months ago.

But someone starting now won’t likely fall in that same trap because they know what’s required even though it’ll take time to get there. Of course, if they decide to follow advice to never level S1 heroes, or just feed 3* heroes, that’s the advice higher level players are giving.


I decided im not going to change anything in preparation for this event. Chances are ill tap out at around stage 7/8. It is fine eventually i will have built enough to finish all levels. I have been playing for 4? Years With varying amounts of money spent. I dont have 25 of each colour leveled and ready to go.

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You have every right to complain, and I apologize if my response was to harsh. But after complaining we should get constructive again, looking foreward to solve problems and not pity ourself because the game is so unfair. As I told before, yellow us my strongest color, so I have little concern managing it. I maxed Rekethre lastly to have a fifth healer and now bringing c.Sif to 3/70.
But if December‘s color is green like beta indicates, I will have a problem. My weakest color. So I changed priorities, will level Faiez, Gnomer, Jack O‘ Hare and bring Atomos to 3/70. A second costumed Melendor is nearly finished. With this heroes I might have a chance, maybe not.
But I will try and prepare.

Good luck and happy gaming


Just want to say that I’m enjoying reading measured, calm and well thought out responses @BobTheSnark @Quinn3 @Gimliv !


Maybe you could use lesser heroes to conserve your roster for the later stages?

Okay, here’s a strategy I have. My plan is to use the 1*s like hikaru and kenjiro as death falter to power up my g owl and c justice (both at 1:1). With them I should cover at least 4 stages using 3 main heroes, therefore conserving my roster

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I keep reading you only need 25 heros. Don’t you need more when you can’t finish every stage first try?

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This is a very fair question that we should all ask. All players have different needs and wants. For myself, I like to be challenged and have something that is more strategy and not just plodding through tedious levels. This challenge is shaping up to be what players like me are looking for. But we all have to put a value on our time and it would be nice to feel rewarded for it. And for players to potentially blow through 10 or 20 tornadoes or time stops to complete this, getting 2 Tyrums and not any 4 star MATs will leave us feeling unfulfilled.

Sometimes when a game assumes what we want, we should be clear to them the reward should match the effort.


I believe this is the biggest issue in the game. Rewards are just paltry all around.


And it’s all silly. Give more ascension mats and the spenders are still going to chase and the others get to ascend their season one heroes. And then they can make money off their foolish cost of spaces for heroes on your roster.

They are making plenty of revenue, but they could making more and have a happier clientele.


Indeed they have potential to make alot more money by making some qol changes and keeping players happy.


I should have read this thread, I fed a dupe Bane away…

I’m going to use Sha Ji, Nash, Kailani and tier 1 5* to get through this craziness…

Mind you, I have quite a deep roster for FTP and even if I was “prepared” I am borderline on this event; could go either way. Yellow is probably my weakest colour in terms of DEPTH.


Don’t forget revive scrolls… They hit pretty hard in the latter stages. :wink: GL


Why don’t you pull for the new super elemental heroes? They can be used 5 times

Question (for anyone): I have two healers left, fully maxed Rekethre (no emblems) and Tier 1/2 Vivica.

I’m planning for stages 5-8, I’ve done 1-4.

Who would be the better healer for stages 7 and 8 do you think? Lol

I have my team set for stages 9 and 10, just need to plan for stages 5-8.

Thanks in advance


My healers were 3* Bee guy (1-2), 4* Lady Wolverton (3-4), regular Viv (5-6)& 2x Gully I reserved for the final 4x stages. The first stage tended to be the hardest of the five stages at each level… Armed with revive scrolls… You’ll be fine whomever you take as you’ve already planned the team for the last two levels.


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