Contest of Elements Terrible for Newer Players

At least this event has us talking strategy and how to make it work, isn’t that a good thing in a game? I am pretty sure the theory if item bombing early level bosses was put out there, I think the bigger challenge is all waves have a boss/elite mobs so you may need to survive some til final wave.


It’s a great thing. And the strategy will be even better once everyone has taken a shot at it. We do have a LOT of helpful people on the forum and that’s good for everyone! Next worry is lack of red healers for this event!


Do you have Junaid or Shale as fillers? That is one of my plans. I’m lucky to have 2 of your nemesis maxed and LB, probably for final stages with Wilbur.


I actually do! I use shale all the time on the magic tower because she can take 5 curses.

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I maxed shale but don’t use other than an occasional friendly battle. I just maxed a ton of crap for towers so I didn’t care about curses, like 3 c. Kash maxed cause overheal is so nice.

Wizard emblems are a bit tight to spare to a tower only hero

Smart. I gave her zero emblems so I start using her after level 5 when all 3 star heroes don’t cut it

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These guys + Junaid + Shale + Hawkmoon so should be set.

Seeing those 2 Anzoghs made my butt pucker. I beat so many heroes that are super tough, why is he my arch enemy?

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Next you’ll be posting on the nerf Khufu thread how Anzogh is much worse :rofl:

If anything maybe the healing throws you off on when you expect to kill heroes?

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So true! I don’t bring Lord Loki to kill Anzogh, maybe I should!

FWIW, I used to use 1/1 5*s in the original Tavern of Legends, they worked fine in the first few levels. I’m thinking I might be able to get away with that here as well. My 1/1 Roc has about the same defense as my 3/50 Gan Ju, so it’s at least plausible.


Super helpful, thank you Lippy!!

Because it’s excluding quite a few more people than rare quests or ToL or similar events.

It doesn’t exclude “newcomers”, it excludes a LOT of people - probably most players who have been around less than 2 years, and quite a few who have been around for even 3 years or more.

It’s really not that uncommon to not have that wide of a roster, especially with the pressure to make much of it strong enough to stand up in war, much less events, towers, tourneys (e,g. in the latter, pretty much every not-fully-emblemed-nor-LBd hero is eventually a relative liability vs competition).

And for what? “Yeah, you better have read the advance notice from Beta so you can scramble to get one or two more 3* or 4* heroes done and hope they are big enough to be of any use so you can MAYBE get two more Dawas”?

Quite a few players aren’t necessarily plugged in to every piece of news that comes out of Beta, so there’s that aspect of it: a lot of players are gonna get blindsided.

Also, this event reeks more than a little of “dance, puppets, dance!” given that some players might have to drop their current leveling plans, burn extra resources , maybe get one or two extra heroes ready in time for what, as I said above, most likely two Dawas?


While your concerns are valid and understandable, how does this part factor in if it would be beneficial to someone attempting to complete the event? Players that don’t have thr depth/strength will have to burn through resources and have through every other event in the game.

Does it matter if you stop leveling Hawkmoon and focus on Poppy instead if it would give you a better shot at completing it? Or halt focusing on Boldtusk and work on Gulli? Or any other hero for that matter.

I was able to complete the second stage with only the two contest of elements heroes and three heroes at 1/1. They’re pretty powerful, so might not be any two.
But I like the question. I look forward to seeing how limited of a team folks can beat some of these levels with.


As to the first part, it’s arguable how beneficial it is, because it’s two draws max, as far as we know: so the vast majority of the time, two feeder heroes. (Also, for players with insufficient roster, we’re talking about literally burning twice as many battle items, plus arguably a greater need to do so than for other events.)

As to the second part, it’s more like

  1. I was slow-leveling one hero of each color, to maximize feeding heroes of the right color, and now I sacrifice that exp bonus to get a yellow done faster, and/or
  2. I was working on a 5* hero that would be useful in my defense, much less wars and many other events, but now I push that back to work on a 3* or 4* instead, oh, and for bonus
  3. since the minimum TP (suggested) is 3000 and then jumps to 3300/3600/4000 and up, it’s debatable whether working on a 3* actually helps, and whether investing the emblems, LB will make up the difference (or how much maxing even a 4* will swing the difference for upper levels)

Sure, but I’m talking about the forum and people in this thread that know about it. It’s a different matter if you don’t know about it.

I am 100% sure the coding complexity for that is trivial

Leaving aside all the blindsided players then, we’re left with

  • players who don’t need to react because they are the presumed minority target audience, i.e. already have more than 25 holy heroes of sufficient size to be relevant,
  • players who can’t meaningfully react because nothing they do in the next few weeks will get them significantly close to 25 sufficiently sized heroes, and
  • players, aware of the beta information, who are close to, but possibly not quite at, the needed number of heroes, and who are trying to weigh “should I blow up my current build order for several weeks so that I can slightly increase my chance of getting a second Dawa from this event?”

So, it comes down to what roster everyone has, and honestly, it’s hard to say which way the majority are like? Are we certain this is the minority or the silent majority? Who is to say that the majority of the players are like myself (with a sufficient roster based on S1), or someone like yourself who seems to be lacking a few heroes?

Well this comes down to how long one has been playing and what people think is a reasonable time frame to have a roster to do so. If the first 4 out of 10 levels can be done with 3* heroes, that reduces the requirements for high level heroes (4*+) down to 15. So do you feel that it’s an unreasonable assumption that active players who have been playing for 2 or 3 years not have that? Sure, everyone develops differently. For example, my first 2 years were slow, but my last 2 years expanded my roster significantly. (Ironically, that’s probably due to the increase in events and more portal opportunities.) If it’s 3* heroes, it can take a week or so depending how much effort you want to put into it.

If its the rewards that you don’t think are worth it, then sure don’t bother putting in the effort. But then complaining about it isn’t going to help.

Of course, there are indications that chances are you can put together minimal heroes (unleveled or less than 5 heroes) teams and still get through the first 2 levels with a reliance on items which would bring the requirement down to 20 leveled heroes and 3-5 unleveled heroes with items. So not completely impossible, but then I’m sure the counter-argument is that you don’t want to use items on this event. Again, fine, but it doesn’t negate the fact there are ways around it.

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