Contest of Elements Terrible for Newer Players

Expensive items….
Save them for towers or MT.
But I will hsvf enougv healers when the events are comming…

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Thats right, not everyone is supposed to be able to complete every event.
This will be a challenge for all who are not playing for more than two years, but thats ok.
Problem is, again, communication. How many players are aware that this event is comming? Without proper time to prepare many will complain and be in rage.
Short time before I heard from this event , I contemplated to feed away a few no longer used but maxed heroes to save roster space. It would have been greymane, hu tao, chao, sumitomo, vollermork. I am so glad now I did not do it…

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Expect you can’t use hunters lodge items for most of events, I have ton of them just collecting dust because there is very few places where they are both needed and can be used

I only use them in towers and MT,
and I produce not many of them, need my ham for heroes and troops…

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They generally stack up from alchemy lab and mythic titan rewards. 220 time freezes and counting. Hurricanes, scrolls and such are golden in Mt or towers but panaceas and time freezes are not needed on either really, so may as well finally find use for them in this event

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They’ve never gone back and introduced a much easier variant to an already established event solely to cater to the newer players. Clash of Knights is still just as hard for Alliances, Costume Chamber actually got HARDER.

I you fail on one stage and you bring 5 heroes to all stages, then you will run out of 25 heroes at Stage 9.
So you need to have 5 additional heroes at Stage 10.

I don’t read every beta announcement, especially because much of the time I have trouble enough with keeping up with what’s going on already. This topic was the first time I heard of this, and plenty of the playerbase is going to be gobsmacked when suddenly HAHA YOU DON’T HAVE ENOUGH YELLOW HEROES.

I’m torn between

  • “I guess I should try to run up a 3*, maybe 4* to help make an incremental difference to this event, pushing back a 5* hero I could really use for my defense team”


  • “The heck with this, one more hero won’t probably make much difference, I’ll just muddle through best I can with what I have”


  • “I hate this idea, why am I even trying to do everything in this game when SG doesn’t even really want most people to be able to even try to finish this one”

A significant point is that the problem here isn’t “oh no, NEW players might not be able to finish,” it’s that this assertion is stretching the definition of “NEW” to something like “anyone playing for less than 3ish years or less than level 70ish” ….or possibly who has spent less than N digits of whichever currency.


I feel like complaints of “but what about HIGH level players with BIG rosters what do WE do when we are tired of autofarming EVERYTHING” come off as kind of disingenuous when there are

  • wars against other folks with MegaHeroes2000,
  • W3K which makes you do it six more times,
  • challenge events which require deep and adaptable hero benches to actually rank,
  • tower events which also require a deep roster to finish all levels, much less at non-debilitating times-per-level, oh, and
  • new and recent events which are either harder than previous ones or changed to become harder.

The game would constantly seem to aim to give bigger players ways to tilt against each other and against bigger challenges, while defining “new” (and possibly “undeserving,” as some might seem to put it) players to be a wider and wider subset of the playerbase (see: SG originally planning to upgun Costume Chamber’s final level to suggested TP 5500)


Usually the first stages are so easy you can finish them with a couple of Dawas if you wish

I think we see a process to bring/ keep players to summoning and maxing more heroes.
In the beginning of the game you needed 5 good heroes to win all map stages, for pve and tourneys it was better to have a few alternatives. Then came wars and you needed 30 (good) heroes, with competitive alliances struggling for the #1 spot that meant much more summons, chasing of mats, emblems and so on, equals to cashflow.
Many have more than 30 maxed 5*, only powercreep motivates now for new summons, the next step was ToL, where you need 50 heroes, if you like to have a reserve team, its 55. Lately they added W3K, for its 12 war flags you need 60 battle ready heroes and now the Contest of elements brings this to 125 unique heroes, with reserve teams its 150. Maybe it does not improve summoning and spending much, but it legitimates a big roster and buying roster space…
Next year we need 300 heroes, I do not know for which event but its the next logical step. :smile:
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This is my problem as well I’ve been playing over three years and last night checked my roster. I have between 23 and 28 levelled heroes in each colour so will struggle on some of these.

I do agree that not everybody should be able to complete all events and there does need to be a challenge for longer term players but having an event that somebody who has been playing for over three years can’t finish just seems wrong to me.

@Ruskin505 I did read the Beta Beat about these so levelled a couple of extra three stars to be more prepared but with limited roster space I can’t keep lots of duplicates just for one event and healers in particular will be an issue.


Ill probably only make it through around 8 this time. But thats fine. Give me something to work towards.

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I am in the same boat as you. Over 3 years of playing and ive maxed about 25 of each color 3*-5* heroes. I dont see this quest as a problem and I do like the challenge if there will ever be any. I see this can be too difficult for new players but I do think it is better to keep veterans interested and new players at the same time have some goals to work towards.


I can’t understand the complains. I’m playing now for 2,5 years and if everything works fine (no looses) I’ll probably will be able to pass all stages. And hopefully olso the next one (green). But for the others it will not work. As I don’t have 25 heroes of purple, blue and red and have on all three colors a lock of healers. But that’s the challange. Building up the rooster I will be able to complete the quest next time, right?
I remember it took me over a year to solve all stages of each emblem quest. I never complained, it was the challange to build up the missing heroes. This game is a marathon and not a sprint.

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As we’ve seen the balancing act between having something for newer players to aim to and keeping veteran interested is a fine line. Razor thin I think.

They need to have content that promotes newer players to spend. It’s the business model after all.

But also they have to stop people like me (and those here even longer) from getting bored.

So you have a pile of events where there is going to a be a heightened level of difficulty to new players.

And that’s totally fine. I couldn’t finish the Legendary event for about 6 months when I started. When I did finally finish it (15 minutes of Proteus draining them slowly to death) it honestly felt like I’d accomplished something.

I rarely feel that way anymore which is an issue as where is the incentive for me to keep growing my roster (read that as “spend money”)

And not a whale by any stretch either (though I guess I swim in the same water as some of them)

We’ve been so Yellow focused due to Purple tanks that the first one will be a breeze for a lot of people. But I do wonder how things will go when it’s Purple :joy: I know people that haven’t ascended a purple in months due to the Xnol meta. Now they have a reason I guess.


Thankfully, I’ve been pretty even on my ascensions. I think I’m equally strong/weak in all colors at least as far as numbers go. (My purple mono is by far my strongest, actually – team with Xnolphod and Ludwig = endless shots from two hitters. 80% of my raids use that team.)

I do remember those first couple legendary events where the goal was to kill at least one mob before being wiped out, so that I could get that silver summon token.

I totally agree with you. My only concern is, again, communication. Most players in low and midtier alliances do not know about the new „color“ quest before the first will appear, most do not read the beta beat here or have aliiance mates who do. Then there is no preparation time to ascend a few heroes, and the outcries will be there. I think a few announcements and a countdown would point many players to this event, giving them time to prepare (maybe summon= revenue).
Many will complain if they are cought by surprise and can not finish the event.

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Glad I checked this thread.
I am long time player and am not able to field 25 holy hero’s by far… Again looks to be ’ ll about tha money!’

I think SG is making the choice to stop playing more and more easy for me if they keep this up.


I am kind of excited for this event. The idea of fielding 5+ different teams of yellows is fun. Based on the description I don’t know if I will beat it or not, and that really is the appeal. The game has to be fun and exciting and challenging at times. Yellow is probably going to easier than some other colors, but I remember the excitement of being able to beat the legends quest the first time, or having to try the last stage of the aether quests multiple times before finally beating it. I would love to see an event with no end and you simply have to use up your entire roster to see how far you get. If there are no more challenges and all events were easy, I think the a lot of the fun would disappear fairly soon. I think events like the towers, legends, and this upcoming one are a good way to measure progress.

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No! I don’t want a bunch of heroes I don’t use outside of one single event. Even with W3K I have enough 5* and 4* to field 12 teams. W3K is my cut off for heroes needed, this new Contest of Elements event won’t change that.

In the end…oh well.

Like the towers I just won’t complete it if it stays the way it is. However for newer players it is a shame they won’t be able to get more loot from it.

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