Contact me here or on Line. One of 4 Grimnir alliances, room to grow. We’ve been together a year and a half, lots of experience to share to help you grow

Hi, i´m Barbarroja

Looking for an active alliance, as I play actively all day long

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I would highly recommend the Grimnir family. Solid group and very helpful with game knowledge. You can’t ask for a more active group.

I hope you give them a chance, you won’t regret it

Hi! We’d love for you to come play with us if you meet the requirements. Drop in and say hi anytime @Barbarroja

Ohhh…i missread the post or missunderstood…i am not potching or doing anything in that direktion…i did not regognize the post up on top as a recruitable search…i did see the second post that someone qas looking…thats why i answered…i apologize for intruding…

How do I join the Line group? I’m a member of AoG, and everyone mentions it

Sorry I just saw this! I’m glad you were able to join Line.

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