Contact e&p support

So contact e&p support, sudmit a support request, bt iv been told I’m not aloud to do tht or will be banned frm thr aswell, so hw are u ment too contact them about anything too get told tht

Sorry bt reasons iv been given dnt make sense for a, perm ban, and this game has become a jk, every update, jst pushes it in favour of the members tht been on over a Yr or 2, not even it out, so banned for spam tht wasn’t spam, can’t request support as not everything has been answered, like why whn I left phone on charge, b4 my problems with posting started, game said I’d left my alliance when no1 hit leave button, and I’m told if I ask again I’m banned from support, so wht am I ment too do, I’m getting done all over, I want too go higher thn the sg support bt can’t

Guess you made your points…

As mentioned in your older posts, no one from SG will response in case of bans.

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I understand that this us frustrating for you, but this forum isn’t set up to deal with individual account problems, and it’s also against the rules to debate moderation and disciplinary decisions by Small Giant.

No one on the forum can answer questions about why you were banned, or can reverse a decision by Small Giant. If they’re telling you that you’re not allowed to email them, then there’s nothing anyone here can do.

As a result, I’m closing this thread. Please don’t post new threads arguing disciplinary decisions or asking for reconsideration of emails you’ve gotten from support.


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