Constructive Suggestions For Tellys Balance 💐

Starting a positive thread for a nice, balanced game.

Please no ranting and no whining here, since we’ve already got enough of that in the other threads. This should only be some kind of starting point to get Telly balanced to make sure, that all of us will be happy with and without Telly on the bench.

Let’s collect the most likely nerfs.

  • Slow Mana
  • Remove Minion Spawning
  • Ailment To Only 3
  • Heal To Only 3
  • Heal & Ailment To RND 3
  • Reduce Mana Slowdown
  • Other (see reply)

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Feel free to vote for others and post your own thoughts in the thread.

Not another rant thread.
Thx in advance.


Nothing bad on her. No chance need

  1. Mana generation from -34% to -20%
  2. Less health for minions.

Not big changes but still. Slow mana will kill her.


They want to, so no alternative to not calm her a little bit. I have her, spent lots of resources to get her to +19, yet hoping for a nice adjustment.

I’m looking forward to this.


I’m not sure i understand the goal of this thread… you say that this will help get a balanced result that everyone will be happy with, but your poll asks for “most likely nerf” instead of “what you want to see”. I think the most likely is a slight mana debuff reduction (34->24) but what i want to see is average to slow mana speed or 5 targets down to 3.

I think a better option for this kind of dialogue would be 2 polls, one strictly for people who have her, and one strictly from a face-her point of view, asking what nerf people would accept and be happy with respectively.

I think an option of “do nothing” should be included as well tbh (although i disagree with this option, ie i think she needs some change), i think it would help keep conversation more civil


There’s not really any point to a “do nothing” option seeing as SGG have announced that a balance change is happening.


maybe you can add this to one of option in Pool

Change Emblem for Tell from Paladin to Druid , it will decline Vella to be used since Tellu+Vella combo is “OP” than Tell itself. you can use Paladin for Clarissa

In case if someone “die hard” to use Vella , they can change Tank to Heimdal which is Paladin or Yunan a Fighter. it will create diversity for Green Tank

in the end , No Nerf , it would be win-win for everyone


Feels like a lot of players are getting emotional with the thought of changing her - giving this simple option might give them an outlet before posting angrily (to put it mildly)

Personally I think that the first step would be a slight change in the mana debuff. Small decrease being -34% down to -24%…

-24% because that is the inverse of all the positive mana buffs (khagan, Ariel, Bauchan, Sir Lancelot etc…)

Then I think it’s just a “wait and see” effect. See if the balance was enough, not enough or too much.

Remembering that in previous nerfs, SGG were too feather touched in their balancing and had to have a second go at it (See Guinevere as an example).


There’s an entire TWO other threads for that so… They can go there to vent and rant.


An almost non beatable hero is cool, but only for those who have it. A decent change is needed to get variety back.

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That wouldn’t change anything and would lead to massive problems with emblems.

yeah probly for someone who cant read and know nothing but post without give any idea , or probly you againts to change ? if yes then you are in wrong place dude

I think a slight mana reduction debuff for Telly and a slight Fire attack reduction debuff for Vela would be good. Both heroes remain very good still and the synergy is reduced.

I do hope this thread at least remains a civil discussion.

To me Telluria’s mana generation reduction should be lowered to -24% and it should be removed from her targets upon her death, her minions and heal have to stay the same and the damage is almost a non-factor tough it is nice to have on PvE.


If its just about Telluria then i would suggest-

Manaslow to 3 targets instead of all (Little John has -64% to all and is slow. In my Opinion Hit all effects should be at slow mana as they are usually very powerfull (Imagine a Medium Speed Isarnia or Azlar)

She would still be the best tank, doesn’t lose much of her offensive usefullness but opens a window for comebacks even if she had fired…

Edit: Otherwise she needs to be slow which would not be the best solution as she offers minions without an effect and HoT. It would render all other abilities useless. So as she most likely will stay at medium speed the need to touch the manaslow in a way that it allows comebacks. I could also imagine to lower the reduction rate to a point where you just need 1 or 2 Tiles more then usually needed. (6 -> 8, 8->10, 10 ->12…)

Edit2: Just lowering the effect to -24% would still be way to strong for a medoum speed hero.


My opinion as a fairly new player is that this hero is quite beatable just like all other heros during levelling up. While she has power, mine is at level 2 and still getting killed without use of many potions. Maybe her maxed skills are too high? but I have yet to experience that. Maybe a change in her fully ascended power??

I’ll support any nerfing necessary to keep balance in the game. Full disclosure - I’m a Tell owner and quite willing to see changes made if it means players can get back to enjoying challenging play, with some hope of winning more battles than losing.


Does E&P need a change, ■■■■ YES.
But it’s not Telluria

So many other things that can change

  • number of amblems allowed on defence team
  • removal of 20% attack/defence bonus for defence teams
  • number of rare(event) heroes that can be used in defence
  • change how wars are played. After your defence is defeated, your next lineup will take place. This would encourage spreading out amblems more.

And I’m sure so many more…

I do think Tel is OP.
I just dont want to see a nerf cause I know SGG won’t make enough compensation if any to the player base affected

Your comments are valid but this isn’t what the OP is asking for in this thread.

I know.

I would vote for changing mana generation reduction to be replaced with direct mana reduction 10%

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