Constructive feedback and considerations for improving alliance war matchmaking - please post your ideas!



But thats the Problem Here. Alliance wars are not raids, No one wants only rely in some luck. They want Here fair Fights. And i think in the Range from 3500 to 4000 the difference ist not that big in Power Like 2500 to 3000.

I am doing exactly what you do. Doubling or trippling color. And yes ist works, but i dont want to rely on luck to get the right tiles at the important position. I want to use all the tiles for a fair fight.


If the revenge arrows are removed for defense teams over 3000 and only used to boost teams lower than that, it would be more fun. Right now to fight a team of 3300 power you need a team of 3600! It would be more fair, and fun to battle them with an equal team.remove revenge


This two match up after the update was better for us because we are good titan killers and our big titan score was a disadvantage for us till now. But definetly implementation of wars in this game is a failure till now in terms of fun, strategy and competition. Waited for a more smart and better organized content. Hope they make wars count somewhere and give us a reason to fight.


I agree. We are facing teams stronger than ours. We have 7 players with 3k power. The other alliances have almost all players. How is this working?



I have a suggestion that may be very helpful to both the Devs and the players itself, which is to increase the alliance score required in order for them to participate.

Suggested Alliance score: 30K.

  1. Server will be less glitchy on war days as this means you need not serve a huge chunk of the alliances out there for wars. A server with freed space will result in less of the war glitches that has been popping up quite frequently.

  2. With the raid nerf, people are no longer interested in cup dropping, but the reverse is true as there are better raid lot on the top. Hence, there is less worry about manipulating alliance score in order to (not) qualify for war. Thus, activity of the alliance is taken care of at 30K, as it requires certain level of activity to maintain cups plus maintain titan score.

  3. Titan decay and expected daily cup drops from being raided will result in inactive alliances being eliminated from war, which essentially means alliances will meet with ‘active’ ones instead of ‘dead’ alliances that spoils the fun.

  4. There are many training alliances out there, and many have an alliance power that is distributed quite unevenly (top-heavy). The leaders and Cos usually prep the lower level players for war, but many are disheartened when they feel helpless in the war. A simple scenario is a newly leveled L12 player happily goes into war and comes out all deadbeat and disheartened because he/she was unable to really partake in the war as his/her heroes are not ready for the onslaught. Leaders and Cos (and Elders) have a responsibility to help the player community grow, but the it would be appreciated if they get such help from the game itself. Simply throwing 30 2* into war and expecting them to score something may not be easy and it can cause people to ragequit. Hence, by pushing the alliance score to 30k, the players are at least strong enough and ready to meet their opponents in war. Otherwise you may just end up expanding your dead-player count…

Changing the alliance score requirement is in hopes of making life easier for the developers and the server, and protect the User Experience of the players.

Do hope it gets considered.


My alliance has many newer players that are starting participation. Unfortunately our alliance score is 70k. We still have rage, but it’s from trying to carry our newer players that are now worth a minimum of 33 points per kill in war(132 total) while opponents have nothing but 2500+ defense with most well above 3k. Recipe for slaughter.


This sounds like a promising idea, What do you think @Petri :slight_smile:


I run a training alliance as well. We have 2 players with team power above 3000 and cups above 2000 (myself and 1 elder) and the others are all below 2500 TP and 1800 cups. They definitely get discouraged, even with color stacking and coordinating attacks. We’re currently 1-3 with the new matching systems. We had only lost 2 before the update.

I think a couple of things would help.

  1. Provide an opt-in button for wars at the player level. Have it default to out, so it’s a conscious decision on the player’s part to participate. Lock the button when the prep phase starts. This way you can use active players to figure matching.

  2. Set up multiple defense teams, numbered 1-4. Same as attacking, each hero can only be used once. When a team is defeated, they are removed and when the timer is up, the next team revives in their place. I suggest 3 or 4 defense teams rather than 6 to take the heat off of the lower level players, who are already the first ones killed.

  3. Match based on multiple factors, weighted:
    –total strength of defense teams of all active players within 5% of each other
    –total strength of top 30 heroes of each player within 5% of each other
    –number of players in the alliance within 3 (10%)
    –average troop strength among all active players within 10%
    –titan score for each alliance within 5%
    –trophy score for each alliance within 5%

The first three criteria should carry the most weight to ensure a fair matchup.


Greetings developers,

My alliance, Zenas Warriors, and I have been mismatched by the new matching system for wars I believe. I think we have lost more than three quarters of our wars since the updated matching. Our alliance has less then half of our members with 3000+ team power and our opponents have mostly if not all 3000+. I hesitate to call that fair some of our members are discouraged and are talking of quitting the game or at least never touching wars again. I love the game and I love the war system as presented but I think there are some bugs to fix still.


My alliance continues to be badly matched. We have a diverse spread of power in our teams. We have welcomed newer players and are helping them grow but they are fielding mostly 3* teams. We also have a number of “old timers” with very strong developed 5* heroes. We are getting paired with alliances that have teams well over 3000 tp. A “weak” team in the last war was over 3200. Members are getting discouraged. A number really dislike the wars. I would love to see an opt out button for those that do not have the time or inclination for war that day. I would also love to see the frequency drop. Twice a week is too much for me. I love the game but I really do not want to lose great people from my alliance over war issues.


Strongly recommend setting up a league for wars… matchmaking… should be against similar team powers… and what level the fighters are on… that will increase competitiveness between PvP… So if your on Province 12… team power 1560… you compete against province 11 to 13… in order to allow for progression… I think a ranking system like this would be Very welcomed…


I would like to see raid style match. Leaders and co leaders can scroll and challange a team that is higher on the ladder. An alliance can only decline one team, they have to accept the 2nd challange. If no response from a team that was challanged, then its same as accepting.
Alliances will have a choice to either climb the ladder or not. Not everyone is into wars or ranking.
Alliances who want to climb fast will challange, those who want to stay where they are can sit and wait to be challenged from bellow.


Allience wars should be an acceptance option to participate and not forced upon as it’s been said some players myself included are here just for the fun of playing the game and not to try and be the best or on top of the ladder.
As for rating system what more or other options does a system need to have than one coming from the AW itself.
All I seem to hear reading these types if posts is ( I/we keep getting beat and can never win an AW because they are stronger so lets blame the system).

The whole idea of AWs is to make alliances work together as a team and help each other out to grow and improve. Whinging about the fact you never win or blaming the system isn’t how your ever going win an AW, find an allience that wants to work as a team and help each other improve one onothers team.
That is what a true allience is a about.


The complaints about mismatching are quite justified in many cases. When I can deliberately handicap myself to just one hit out of my six, and still out-score the other side’s twelve attacks, there’s something wrong with the match.

Not every war is a real mismatch- I’ve won wars I would have lost if the other side didn’t give up before they had to, but there are enough real howlers of poor matches that dismissing all complaints as just a failing of the losing alliance to fight effectively is a seriously flawed judgement of what’s been happening. Many of these fights really are as unfair and one-sided as the complainers say.


You may be right but let me ask you this then.
The developers have to find and agree on a happy medium which I am quite sure wasn’t made overnight by one person at the same time making it fair across the board knowing that team strengths can vary largely meaning it’s not impossible fir a good strong 3* team to beat a weak 5* team even if that 5* team usually wins individual challengers/quests etc, you also have take into account that not every allience may have full active participants or be if equal strengths within the allience so it doesn’t matter how you setup the stats for matching teams there is always going to be a dispute about mismatching simply because of the so many different stats involved.

Using just and only the AW stats to match teams I think is very fair and then leaves the door open for each allience to improve it’s iwn worth.

At least that’s my opinion.


I just know that before the change in matching we were able to win some and lose some. Fair enough. In a good match I do not expect to win every time. Since the change we have been decimated! Even all in we are so far off there is no hope of winning. Our opponents can easily one hit our best teams, where it takes us multiple tries. Not meaning to whine but it seems like a good match should allow for the possibility of victory even with the randomness of boards. In our last match their top player one hit our top three with his first three flags. We could not really damage him. Do I want to be him? Yes! Do I think I should face him right now? No! Plus, he was not the only one that strong on that team. I preferred the old system.


I do not know if someone already shared this idea:

  1. I love the idea to define more than one defence team per player, the same way how acctually the attack works, if the first team is defeded, the second team will appear and you can fight a opponent which is almost equal in the second and/or third round.

It would be nice if the winning team would continiou with fighting the second team until they die and the second and third def/attack team appear automatically. 3 teams for def. against 3 teams of attackers one player against a nother until all teams of one player are defeted.

Maybe this idea could be god or bad, should be tested: If you run away with the current team you could either choose to run completly away from the player or reset the fight and the next atk team will appear.

If the attackers are still alive, you can fight a nother player. Same way how it currently works.

  1. A lovely feature would be to look at the fight of other members, just to see how the fight is going.


We always facing with russian teams. Is there a possibility to rotate the nationalaty of the enemies?


Agreed - would be cool to have a war chat with the opposition on line. I know one (great) alliance that does that. Can’t do that when we only fight alliances that are not english speaking haha.


I am part of a very inclusive guild which includes experienced and developing players. People are divided about the wars. They either don’t want to participate at all or they want mandatory participation. People are leaving either way we go. The game is simple and there are no relics or extra factors to balance things out. I think some small reward for participating in the wars could be beneficial. Maybe a summon token or a few gems. Otherwise, there is no reason newer or even mid level people will want to play. I understand that people could go off and try to join other guilds with only new or experienced players but half the fun is working with a good group of people.