Constitution d’équipes défense et titan

Voici mes héros 4 et 5 étoiles, pouvez vous me dire qui mettre en défense et contre les titans.
Ne tenez pas compte des niveaux des héros car cela me permettra de savoir qui maxer.
Merci d’avance.!

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Welcome Lesaint. :wave:
First I would advise you to up Wilbur (it will be extremely important for you to share the damage and increase the defense) then finish wu Kong, this will help him to hold on better to the titan and finally, up buddy because his decreased defense and attack + summon minion can be super useful.
× For the purple titans, I would say: Wilbur, chaos, Li xiu, Danza, wu Kong.
× Yellow Titan: Wilbur, boldtusk, sartana, domitia, protée.
× Green Titan: Wilbur, boldstuk, Scarlette, kelila, wu Kong.
× Red Titan: Wilbur, boldstuk, grimm, Sonya, wu Kong.
×Blue Titan: Wilbur, Buddy, skittleskull, little jeans, wu Kong.

Merci a toi, dois- je utiliser des flacons et autres objets?

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I would say something basic, red / blue popo style, arrows, green flag. Or else a tornado, time stop and blue popo.

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