Constantly getting this message whenever I try to battle

Try switching off your device then on again or switching your data or wifi on and off again, I sometimes get it too

Worst comes to worst, you can remove the data cache for the app.

NOTE: before doing this make sure you log-in and sign-in to your google/apple play account.

Tried this sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t.

I removed cache. Haven’t yet removed the app and reinstalled… it may come to that.

Hubby was getting that error last night when trying to attack in wars. There was a certain opponent that he could not attack. Period. Mine was fine in wars, but I got that in raids.

Hopefully, resetting your device will help your problem. It didn’t ours :worried: Not sure if it was a server error or a cell service error (We switched off wifi in case that was the problem).

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