Considering to change alliance

@PandaPaoBanana We are looking for new members and would love to have you! We use discord over Line, but I do have line if necessary. We are a training alliance and have a discord server with an info bank. We love helping players!!

@PandaPaoBanana Would love to have you in RELA-X-

We would love someone like you on our team, you can line me at: woofbarkwoof, we are active, daily folks, no drama, been a family for 815 days, thats over 2 Years! Wow.

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Yes…come join us we would love to have you!

Come join us now! Would love to have you with us!

The Wolverine is a friendly alliance with active members. We are currently hitting and killing 5 star titans. If you are looking for an alliance where RL comes first, check us out. War is optional, titan hits desired but we will not kick you out if you miss a day here and there. Some members are quiet, some chat strategy and team composition :grinning:

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I have found a new home. Thanks to all who replied.

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Hey Panda where did you end up? I, like you am a bit ascension mats limited (3500+) and just grinding along. I have outgrown my learning alliance. Just curious where you went?

Hey Pelz

If your looking to take the next step … check us out

@zephyr1 Looks like @PandaPaoBanana has found a new home. Can you please close thread otherwise they will continue to get bombarded with offers.

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