Considering to change alliance

As per the title, I currently have 3.6k TP (waiting for ascension mats), and working on several projects and currently in mid platinum (I only raid people to fill chest or when I’m close to levelling up). I always hit titans and use all war flags. Not looking for drama (read: needs to understand that RL comes before gaming) but I am looking for an 18+ alliance that does offer good advice when building teams/heroes.


Come join The Marley Army. Almost 1 year old! No drama on chat! Experienced players that offer tips, encouragement and support! Very friendly! You will like us a lot. Most members over 250 days! Thxs, leader, marge32179…good luck in gaming! We would love to have you! Have own Wiki Page for members plus line(optional)!

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Hi, @PandaPaoBanana, please consider The Padawans. We’re friendly, international and started as a teaching alliance. Our leader is Grrr8-Dane.

Edited to add that we currently fight 9* and 10* titans


Hi @PandaPaoBanana,

I think Sixth Element would be a very good fit for you. A very friendly alliance hitting 10 star titans. Please check out this thread for further details and please feel free to contact us in Discord or Line if you want to have a chat first. :slight_smile:

@Novo @GenieDee


Come check out The Redneck War Machine. Pretty active group but laid back. Very active war participation w plenty of advice and tips available. Titan hits a must. Definitely understand life comes first

Check out Narcissistic Injury if you get a chance. We are an active alliance with a pretty wide array of skill/experience levels and are looking for more mid to upper tier players. We are pretty much all adults, but we are absolutely family friendly.

Canadian Nights has openings. Check us out

@PandaPaoBanana come check out Ravens of Winterfell. I think we will be the right fit for each other.

Ravens of Winterfell is the casual competitive alliance of King of the North family of 5 alliances.

We understand real life comes first so war is optional and we hit 8*-10* titans. We use LINE to communicate but this is not mandatory. Our members are from all over the world and 18+.

We will look after you and give you all the support to grow to be the best player you wanna be.

Come chat to us, we would love to hear from you.

Would have liked you to join me instead. :rofl:

I’m considering moving my FTP alt account elsewhere, but it’s only level 26 and has only a few 4 star heroes (only 1 5*, Misandra, who will wait a very long time for materials). Probably too small fry for you :thinking:. My main is very happy where it is

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Yeah. Only your main account.

Anyway I am 30/30 now.

Will probably message you when I have an opening.

Any openings? I’m at level 31 with 1872 Cups and looking to branch out from the alliance i’m currently in.

How do I chat to you? On LINE or here?

@PandaPaoBanana do you have LINE? If so, can you send a message to the Ravens leader (ID: ronandex501) and tell him Kira sent you? He will be able to get you setup.

Otherwise you can LINE me on ID: kira981112

Hear from you soon.

What is the name of your alliance?

I’m Page on Line. Hit me up if you have any questions

It’s called Hero Malaysia. :wink:

if you’re interested

Most of us are still learning, no pressure, 4,5* titans.
War optional, cups irrelevant.(leader o cups, level 38)
Have fun.

You found us! Join us! WatchKeepers Elite

Line: ghostnamepbj

@PandaPaoBanana have you found a home yet?

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