Considering Talents: Ornatel vs Justice as Tanks

Hi everybody.
Ornatel is great as a yellow tank. Better than Justice IMHO.
But: when it comes to talents, Justice as a Paladin gets “Protect”, which is more valuable than “Jinx”(=damage) for Ornatel.
I wonder if I should use Justice as yellow tank instead of Ornatel an give the Junx-Talent to a more suitable hero…what do You think ?

For me Onatel still will be better tank than Justice.

Or maybe no. Onatel stealing mana -> heroes can’t shoot/buff -> jinx do nothing

Paladin Justice have better chance to shoot and blind, but she is yello so many peoples will take purple stack (in 95% situations with Rigard/Kunchen)

Its hard to say for me, IMO
Justice 4^80+20 = Onatel 4^80+20
I think Onatel will be little better

Lol, i like more Justice as tank even without paladin class.
I think Onatel need her mana stealing to not worn off even if she dies to be a good tank.

It’s too easy right now kill her before her mana effect really kick in, making her special quite meaningless.

I agree with @Elpis, Justice is formidable tank and she punishes bad board more than Onatel does.

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