Considering maxing Colen instead of Marjana

I have all the items to bring Marjana or Colen to their 4th, but I only have 5 hidden blades so if I spend them on Colen I need 3 more for Marjana. The thing is this will be my 5th red and Marjana has taken SOOOOO long to level to only 3/18. Colen is at 3/60 ready to go. He’d make a good 5th for epic tier in events if I wanted to stack mono red, the team would be boldtusk, Wilbur, falcon, Scarlett and Colen. Is Marjana really so good that I should spend all the time and resources on her that it takes?

Marjana is worth maxing, but I’d start working with her when I had mystic rings and other mats for her final ascension.


Marjana is defenitely better than Colen.
I have them both and I never used Colen while Marjana is in almost all my teams except when fighing blue titan or enemies which reflect red.

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I know she’s worth maxing in a vacuum. But is she worth maxing over a 5th 4* red who completes a great mono red team to compete in epic tier of events? Especially considering the time and resources for Marjana?

Again, in a vacuum Marjana is better… maybe I think too much. I know she’s overall better than Colen but I’m thinking that the last event was won by mono red teams in epic tier. I have no hope of being one of those people unless I have a maxed 4* mono team.

So you don’t want to max marjana because of the time it takes to level her

This is empires and Puzzles get used to it lol


If your goal is to build a 4* team for epic events, then there is no reason mentioning any 5* hero at all.

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This my confusion. The last two comments are good points. I don’t know what to do xD they’re both good options for different reasons. Colen can be maxed faster, can be a competitive mono red stack in epic tier. Marjana takes longer, won’t help in epic tier events but she’d be my toughest hero to date. I’m going back and forth on the pros and cons.

Ask yourself;

  • Do I want to compete for real in Epic tier as soon as possible?

  • Do I want to compete in a specific Monthly Event and how much time do I have until that one shows up again?

Estimate the time you need to maximize Marjana and compare it with the same estimation for Colen.

  • How many monthly events will pass before your Marjana is maxed compared to how many will pass before Colen is maxed?

  • And is the number of Monthly Events you can’t compete in with a mono red team acceptable?

If Marjana would be your first maxed 5* red hero, I would go for Colen as you seem to really want to compete in these Monthly Events. If that is’nt such a big wish for now, I would go for Marjana. By the time she is maxed, you might have enough materials again for Colen.


This is the point I stated in my first post: Work on a 4* first and then continue with a 5* once you have all the required materials. If you don’t have all for Marjana’s last ascension (rings, a damascus blade and a tome of tactics), then you can work on a 4* first and by a time you will have all the mentioned above ready, you most likely will collect more hidden blades for Marjana.

@SWEG marjana is the first 5* that I started lvling, she is now 3/68, bout to hit the mat wall as only have 3 rings.

But, I can say from having played with her, she earns her keep when you get her to mid tier 3.

For a long time, she has been my only sniper but I still manage to stay mid diamond even facing many kashrek tanks.

The fast mana is obvious, but she does near same dot as Colen, only to a single target. This is why I suggest her, you won’t regret it.

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While Colen may help you possibly compete in events on Epic tier, Marjana will help you complete Legendary tier with less items. Given the relatively low chance of being in the top 10 for events AND the event requiring a red mono team to be top 10, I don’t think that warrants choosing Colen over Marjana.

At the boss level, Wilbur -> Boldtusk -> Falcon -> Scarlett -> Colen firing in that order should provide enough damage to wipe the bosses, even with Colen at 3.60.

Edit, forgot Boldtusk in the order

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Just remember it’s not just having the right hero mono team, it’s also burning WE flasks like your life depended on it to get the perfect starting board in events! To rank in top 100. If your willing to do that then colen is the answer to your question

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this is my doubt too but in relation to scarlett and marjana I do not have a large bank of heroes and the red ones are my weakest, my priority is the titans and from what I saw the base attack and skill of the marjana is very bad for titans I have
8 hidden blades and 6 mysterious rings.
(we did not fight very strong titans in my alliance we are between titans of 6 * and 7 *)

It is clear that Wilbur or Boldtusk (order in which they fire doesn’t look important) should fire first because one debuffs enemy defense, another buffs team attack.

However, I’m curios if it really matters whom to fire first: Falcon, Scarlett or Colen. Falcon reduces defense agains red (tile damage), but special attack of Scarlett or Colen is not considered “red damage”, isn’t it?

Yes, Falcon’s elemental defense debuff will effect the damage done by Scarlett and Colen. I have seen this work when I used Falcon (my first event hero, so I’ve used him a lot lol).


When I farm 5-8 for packs, on the boss wave, usually have kiril charged +30 attack buff.
Then falcon attacks with - 50 defense buff against fire.
Finish off with marjana fire.

Marjana hits for roughly 1800 damage to the boss.

If I fire marjana before falcon, she does around 1100 damage. So falcon’s defense down works with fire special skills.

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For a competitive Epic event team, the Wilbur/BT/Falcon/Scarlett/Colen team will be very, very good.

For general use in raids and wars, Marjana is significantly better. Marjana is at least Azlar’s peer, and Colen is Azlar Jr.

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Thank you. I didn’t know that.
Taking this into account we have the following:
Wilbur, Boldtusk in any order, then Falkon, since he hits enemy and thus depends on effects applied by the first two. Finally Scarlett and Colen in any order as they don’t influence each other hits.


I do have all the materials. I could take either Colen or Marjana to their 4th, but only one of them because I only have 5 hidden blades. I was considering abandoning Marjana for now at 3/18 and just ascending Colen but I’ve made up my mind that I’ll stick with Marjana for now. Because she will be my toughest hero and it was the last event that was won with mono red so I probably don’t need to worry about having mono red 4* for awhile. By the time I have Marjana leveled (it takes FOREVER) I’ll probably pick up 3 hidden blades by then for Colen.

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